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Cable Box "Big Brother Camera Surveillance" (This is an admitted HOAX)

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On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 12:53 AM, Abe Day <> wrote:
Friends and Family,

This is getting personal and extremely upsetting to me. I've had a comcast cable box for the past few years.  I've heard that there are cameras watching us and I though. Hmmm.. I wonder.  So this evening I carefully examined my cable box and found a couple of things: 1) impossible to open screws in the back of my cable box. 2) a camera sitting right in the front panel of my cable box to look like a remote sensor.3) a hidden remote sensor on the top corner of the cable box.
      I'm pretty ticked as I don't really watch TV anymore but I keep cable around for the kids shows, which they watch in the other rooms of the house. But this little cuss has been sitting in my bedroom for the last couple of years. And yes, theres a camera right in front. Someone has asked me, " if there was a camera how would it get images back to the people who created it? Well, I imagine it works just like a computer camera. It sits on your computer (or in this case your comcast box) and sends video/images to whomever has the software to see it.  Just like your cable/internet does with skype, yahoo, Microsoft etc. 
 Can you sue a company for spying on your private house?  This really is out of control.   Check out the attached pictures I took. Let me know if you have any questions.
I'd like to do a video to show how the remote doesn't work when you cover up that little black square sensor with something. The camera DOES NOT pick up the remote sensor when the small box sensor is covered.  For more clarifications in the picture the  name "REMOTE" and "POWER" are for the light indicators on the left that lite up when you have power on and when the remote is pressed. The don't indicate the location of the "hidden" remote sensor. You assume the remote sensor is the big round smokey glass thing in the center but it's not! It's a camera hidden in "plain" site.  UNBELIEVABLE.  So if you want privacy I suggest you check your equipment and cover the holes.

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Comment by Brock Lorber
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p.s.: h3rb4l v14gr4 is cheap online. And, no, it doesn't happen to every guy.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I've been watching you in your bedroom the past two year. Pretty boring.

John Ashcroft
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