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Restore the Republic Radio needs help

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Just when we are on the verge of being self-sufficient through lowered server costs and increased support from advertising revenue, radio created by the revolution, for the revolution is about to disappear forever! If you've taken time to listen to Ron Paul Radio, Revolution Broadcasting, or RTR Radio over the past 18 months, you know how important this project is.

Maybe we are just another victim of the NWO planned financial collapse.  Maybe every member of the revolution really has already had their wealth stolen from them by the government in collusion with the bankers.  If that is true, we are about to lose our ability to tell anyone about it.

These days we are finding that even when we ask, we are unable to even raise the amount of funding in a whole month that we used to raise in a single DAY without even asking! And guess what? Our host lineup, content, and news department are stronger and more organized than ever.

When we brought you the full days coverage of the Revolution March, we raised $2500 in a single day.  When we brought you the chuck-a-thon for Chuck Baldwin, we raised $600.  When we brought you the Ron Paul press conference live from the National Press Club, we raised $500.  You supported us as well when we brought you 3 presidential debates and a vice-presidential debate.  One of the presidential debates could not be heard anywhere else!

Will you help us stay alive? Here's how you can help:

       1)      Donate! We only need to raise less than $1000 to get through this pinch ( donate).  Even $5 helps! Please don't hesitate because you don't think you can make a difference.
       2)      Listen and Participate! Join us in our "Live Chat", and call in to many shows with our guest call-in line at 505-715-6522.  When you listen and participate, advertisers can see that we are having an effect, and they are more likely to decide to use us as a medium to sell their product or service!
       3)      Get Involved! Remember, we are radio BY THE REVOLUTION, FOR THE REVOLUTION! That means we are you- and you are us! Our weekend schedule has a few more openings for hosts! Our news dept needs writers, reporters, researchers, and audio technicians.  If you are interesting in getting involved with us, contact Ray Powell via skype instant messaging at "rayzer42" or email
       4)      Support our advertisers! Take their messages seriously and let them know where you heard their ad!

Maybe, with your help, RTR Radio can get through this last crunch and finally become self-sufficient...