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4409's CameraFRAUD ready for Trial

Written by Subject: Videos by 4409
Kicking off CameraFRAUD's popularity was Shelton's (4409) arrest for video taping a protest. His legal defense costs thousands of dollars (and going quite well BTW... revealing depositions, internal affairs investigations, press coverage, motivated activists etc.) But we are short $1800 of our promised goal for criminal defense layer, Marc Victor, promised fee (greatly reduced fee I might add).
It is greatly appreciated to have recieved the help we already have gotten in various forms that have placed us only $1800 from FreedomsPhoenix' base commitment. But we are very close to reaching our intended goal for this worthy cause. The above link will take you to an active Chip-In that will demonstrate our support for one of the most important individuals that stood up to "The Man" when it made the most difference.
If you fear being on 'a list' then please send your help to my home address provided on this page...