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4409 -- They Spray you because they Love YOU?

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I don't have all the answers but could the masters of the universe (elites) be somehow deliberately trying to spur on a green house effect or destroying the ozone? Who knows? But I do know that this pit we live in called Phoenix would make a good testing ground to see if it works.
You can barely see the mountains here in the valley anymore from a distance. Why? I don't believe it's from cars because studies show we are driving less on the road today.
This is only my theory but I'm beginning to think they are spraying massive amounts of Co2 in the sky besides what comes out of a normal plane. Or they are releasing a chemical that attracts co2 particles. I believe they could do this without the pilots being aware.

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Comment by Kristina Wyse
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My friends, this is HAARP at it's finest.

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Comment by Larry Noel
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It is not only in Phoenix, but EVERY major city. I am near New Orleans and it is here almost every day. I am in a couple of chat groups and we have members in other cities and we talk about this from time to is EVERYWHERE!!!
The main ingredients are Barium and Aluminum. Why are they putting metals in the sky? These metals are know to cause all kinds of health problems (Alzheimer is know to be caused by aluminum eating holes in your brain) and they also accumulate in the water (such as ponds and lakes).
It is NOT a natural occurrence and it IS cone on purpose. Why else would they make so many and so often. Sometimes we can go for 3-4 days straight with no trails. It reminds me what the sky used to look like, than "they" start again. Can't have clear skies now, can we?
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Comment by Found Zero
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Wait, so the fact that Phoenix sits in a valley surrounded by mountains and chock full of automobiles makes no contribution to air pollution? Oh and it has one major international airports and like 5 smaller ones?

Overstatement sounds no better from us than from the liberals.

Comment by Jason Dimitrov
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I believe you are right about the CO2 theory. I just read a Wiki entry "cloud seeding" and it says that the main chemicals used in this practice are silver iodide and dry ice (frozen carbine dioxide). I don't know what they are doing but I do know they are doing something. It's obvious that some planes have a natural condensation trail and some are deliberately flying around spraying something. Weather modification? Social experimentation? Thought manipulation drugs? Who knows. If you check out that Wiki entry there is a photo of a silver iodide generator attacked to a Cessna.

Comment by Mark Montgomery
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No, Dorothy we are not in Kansas. I think they still have blue skies unlike us up here in Wickenburg. The sky is full of artificial clouds ( chemtrails lumped together ) so that you can hardly see the blue. Actually this goes hand in hand with the H5N1 scare, THEY are trying to kill us off before we can organize!