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Breaking news! Bob Schultz injured in auto crash!

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I got an email alert from Fred Smart who was talking to Bob as the crash happened on I-10 Westbound in Texas. It sounded like Bob sustained some injury and pain. Fred managed to get Bob into a spontaneous conference call by the time Bob was in an ambulance. You gotta hand it to Fred and his ability to reach just about anybody just about any time.
As of 11:52AM MST, Bob reports that he's being taken to East Houston Regional hospital. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea for some Houston patriots to hustle on over to show support.
By interpreting what he heard and what Bob said, Fred paints an early picture of an old pickup truck towing a trailer swerved into Bob's lane, causing Bob to brake sharply, which in turn caused a semi-tractor to crash into the back of Bob's car. Fred said at that point it sounded like Bob's cell phone went flying, but Fred was able to hear Bob basically in trouble. At this point, remember this is largely related by Fred and can't be considered "official".
I'm sure all the details will be coming out, but at this time let's pray for his well being and recovery. 
Update 2:27PM MST: details continue to come in as different people try to contact Bob and Mike Bodine. Latest update is Bob is out of hospital and is resting at a hotel. Drivers in Houston are requested to contact Mike to arrange for careful transportation for Bob to tonight's meeting. There's some concern that he shouldn't be driving so soon after a bad accident.
Update 6:06 PM MST: Amanda Moore now reports that she spoke to Bob as he was about to go on at the meeting. He sounds fine according to Amanda. Let's hope this all wraps up to be a good drill of our reporting mechanisms and nothing more. Let's keep Bob in out thoughts and attention as he hopefully continues his speaking tour through the Southwest and onward.
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