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AIG's Critical Mistake - Using the Wrong Label

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Left, right, and center is up in arms over bonuses paid to AIG employees while the company is on the dole.  AIG contends that bonuses are a legitimate recruitment/retention use of taxpayer money.  The federal Office of Personel Management agrees.

I'm sure some federal employees have received bonuses based on performance goals, I've just never seen it.  Every federal employee bonus I've seen has been arbitrarily awarded at the end of the year as an “attendance award”.

Federal employees are eligible for these bonuses:

Paid Time Off
Individual Suggestion/Invention Award
Lump Sum Performance Payment
Individual Cash Award
Separation Incentive
Retention Incentive – ongoing, may be more than 25% of base
Relocation Incentive – up to 25% of base
Recruitment Incentive – eligible for more than 25% of base
SES Performance Award
Presidential Rank Award
Student Loan Repayment
Referral Bonus
Travel Savings Incentive
Foreign Language Award
Group Time Off Award
Group Suggestion/Invention Award
Group Award – Other

If recruitment/retention/compensation with taxpayer dollars is illegitimate, then scrap them (but, scrap them all).