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4409 (Shelton) wins on all 5 counts

Written by Subject: Police State
This case was obviously a political vendetta and an effort to enforce the concept that you must produce your "Walking Papers" whenever asked by police.
I urge you to read the articles that will be posted this weekend for the information contained about what we are all up against and what FreedomsPhoenix and our associates have known first hand for a very long time.
The team of Shelton and Marc Victor has done us all a great service. But I strongly urge you to read the accounts of what happened soon to be posted.
Strange Days indeed.
Thanks to all of you that donated to Shelton's defense. Marc Victor greatly reduced his normal fee from the beginning and forgave the small balance due.
I will say this; in the end, we all were dumbfounded at what we just witnessed in the courtroom and were left with a feeling of sadness that I don't expect others outside of the freedom community would fully understand. It was like, 'just how bad can this stuff get?'.

Soooo, I just wanted to let all of you that are interested know that one of FreedomsPhoenix' reporters was totally victorious,... but after reading the happenings of yesterday and the conduct of the entire judicial and law enforcement system in Scottsdale, Arizona (and the rest of the semi-united States of America), you'll likely share my sense of...... doom?

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Comment by Kenneth Bond
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I am very pleased to know that Shelton won on all 5 counts. We need more of citizens willing to go to bat for principle. Although I have been following this and other things for some time, the meaning of the term "4409" I have not found. Please let me know where to find it. Thanks. KB

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Oh,... Dary was an East Valley columnist for the Arizona Republic and a regular guest on my radio show. It was no surprise that his opposition to Photo Radar and DUI stops would get his column booted from one of the establishment's PR rags.

You were always right Dary :)

I remember my first booking him for my show after I read that his fantasy solution for Photo Radar included a "pick-up truck and a deer rifle"

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I understand you desire for the Libertarian Party to get busy. But everyone I know working on this case _is_ libertarian.

Comment by Dary Matera
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Not aware of the details of this case, but the fact that it existed is no surprise. You all gave up your last vestige of freedom long ago when nobody raised a fit (but moi) when the first photo radar camera went up. Now they've reproduced like rabbits - 300 strong. And you lost it completely when they kept making the DUI laws increasingly draconian, and everybody cheered like the when the Empire took control in Star Wars. Now cops have the legal right to do anything to any driver any time. "You must respect our authoritiiii." All it takes for Evil Big Government to prevail is for good Libertarians to do nothing, and nothing is what Arizona Libertarians have done. You reap what you sow.