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The Saturday Morning Arizona Breakfast Club - April 4th - Marc J. Victor & 4409

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(Price Change... and a likely location change for next month. Coco's management insist that their operation costs require a $16 charge for attending the Breakfast for the April 4th meeting. We have other options available and will discuss them as the new meeting location starting in May)
Buuuut, this week will be worth the increased price to hear all about the 4409 trial in Scottsdale from Criminal Defense attorney Marc J. Victor. Shelton was arrested while video taping a CameraFRAUD protest in Scottsdale. But the persecution by the City of Scottsdale and the Lame-Stream Media was a coordinated attack intended to discourage future protests... instead, their efforts came up against a world wide movement,, Marc J. Victor and YOU!
Until you hear the inside story of what was done and said behind the closed doors of corruption and tyranny you'll never fully understand just what the American people are truly up against in defense of your individual rights as human beings.
Marc J. Victor and I have been close friends for 15 years and we are the co-founders of the The stories I've heard about how our courts really work can be summarized in what I witnessed in this one case. That Marc J. Victor is able deal with this 'Star Chamber Justice' all day every day is a testament to his devotion to real justice... no matter how much he gets paid.
I know the price is steep this week but you will certainly get your money's worth from this months presentation.
Marc has also asked that some portions of his presentation not be recorded so that he can relay to you information about the true nature of the courts. They court system has made many efforts to silence him and rid themselves of his constant freedom fighting ways for many years (more good stories for 'ya :). So you need to be present to know what we know.
Shelton will also be able to answer questions and we will do our best to show the previously unseen footage of the actual arrest and discuss his plans to bring the City of Scottsdale to justice.
And to the representatives of tyranny that are certain to be in the audience,... "Welcome, you need to hear this most of all".
In their 39th year. The Saturday Morning Arizona Breakfast Club has been the home of truth in an ocean of lies and deceit
4514 East Cactus Rd. (map link)
Phoenix, Arizona

The winds of change are blowing,
ABC came together, first, in 1969, and was founded by Harry Everingham ...

Join us on the first Saturday of each month in continuing our long tradition, this 39th season of the Arizona Breakfast Club
Join us in continuing our long tradition at:

4514 East Cactus Rd. (map link)
Phoenix, Arizona

located in front of Paradise Valley Mall, on the North side of Cactus Road, approximately 2.25 miles from SR 51, West of Tatum
Breakfast Buffet  $16 "All you can eat"

Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, seasoned breakfast potatoes, fresh baked muffins, coffee cake slices, seasonal fresh fruit, coffee, assorted juices and iced tea
Doors open 7:30 AM and We start 8:00 AM Sharp!
For Information & Reservations, call (602) 717-5900