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Thursday Breakfast: John Stuart accused of murder

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On advice of counsel, John Chester Stuart will be unable to speak about his current  legal  situation, at the Strategic Edge this Thursday, 4/9.  NO PROBLEM.  We'll miss John's compelling story, but Pat Schwind has volunteered to tell us about his own personal encounters with "The System," and Powell Gammill -- who has followed this case -- will discuss the John Stuart arrest and court proceedings so far.
Most of you have never heard Pat's version of the infamous 'Fountain Hills'  &  'Bank of America'  incidents.  And this will be a great chance for anyone with a ' legitimate beef ', to come out & tell us.  Serious.  That's basically how the S/E works anyway:  If you really have a good story that people should hear, you get to tell it.  It's that simple.  This should be a fantastic meeting;  don't miss it!!
Our topic will be John Stuart, who as out hanging political signs (Ron Paul) one night with his then fiancée, when a drunk driver pulled along side his car at an intersection.  The drunk got out of his car and attacked Stuart who was still seat belted inside his car.  A shot rang out, and the drunk was dead.  [links to a synopsis here]

Andrew Thomas' office has bankrupted Mr. Stuart in prosecuting him for murder, which clearly has been one of their intents.  Another intent has been to impeach the numerous witnesses who's observations that evening confirm the drunk's assault.

Stuart's will be the first case to use the state laws' 418/419 defense, which will be important for gun owners: Do you or do you not have a Right to defend yourself from an attack while inside your home or inside your car?
Please Bring guests!

When:     7:30 A.M., Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jim's Coney Island Cafe

Meeting Room
1750 N. Scottsdale Rd. (map)
(Just North of the 202 on the West side of Scottsdale Rd., South of McKellips)
Tempe, AZ

Who: Pat Schwind, host
(480) 250-8182
(602) 401-6506

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Comment by Found Zero
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John Stuart is a man I'm proud to call my friend.

One time I needed some advice and so I called my friend Aaron Russo. Know who Aaron Russo referred me to?

John Stuart.

Know who gave generously of his time and expertise to me?

John Stuart.

And when some other people who were important to me needed help because they were going to loose their house, who did I send them to?

John Stuart. And he did help them. And he helped them for nothing, not one penny charged.

As far as I have ever been concerned, I do not know this man who is portrayed in the media as being a gun-nut and a borderline sociopath. The John Stuart I know, and I have met him in person, is a warm and kind man, a scholar of the Constitution and the Holy Bible, a soothing voice and a smile that could light up the world. I don't know what happened on that tragic night, I'm not capable of being judge in this matter, I wasn't there. But I can attest to my known fact that John Stuart is not a man of violence.

It's my hope and expectation that John Stuart will be exonorated but much damage has been done already. A very successful entrepreneur has been financially destroyed and a resource for our patriot community now carries the stigma and the spiritual pain of incarceration and torture, literal torture at the hands of our "correctional" institutions.

As a life-long student of Native American spiritual values, I find nothing "correct" about this situation at all. The closest we can get to "correct" on this one is to hope we have a chance to get John Stuart back alive and begin his healing process and there's one thing I know for sure is we're not gonna get exactly the same John Stuart back. And the guy John killed, he's not coming back. Ain't nothing gonna change them facts.

I'm confident enough in our capability in the community to know we'll be able to help John through if he is exonorated and I have every hope he will be. It won't be easy but it's possible.

What I'm really afraid of is if things go wrong in court and he's reincarcerated because I'm not sure if we'll be able to save him.

And for that, brothers and sisters, I will admit to being afraid of and it's a fear that sits deep in my heart. I fear for my brother whom I have come to love.