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Speaker Schedule for Phoenix Tea Party at the Az State Capitol April 15th

Written by Subject: Events: Arizona
as of 4-9-9

Speaker Guidelines: Keep remarks to 3 minutes maximum, unless otherwise noted. Feel free to hand out flyers, and/or set up tables on the perimeter, and during your three minutes, send folks to your table for more information.
Topics to hit: taxes, spending, debt, bailouts, government takeovers of private industry, defending the Constitution.
Topics to avoid: candidacy for public office,
conspiracy theories, racial issues, sectarian issues. Please arrive 20+ minutes before your start time, in case we need to switch some time slots.

Jenney/Sipmann Organizers TI 5 5:45-5:50 pm
Robert Mayer Tucson Organizer KI 3 5:50-5:53 pm
Ron Gould AZ Senate TI 3 5:53-5:56 pm
Mike Broomhead KFYI Radio KI 5 5:56-6:01 pm
Pamela Gorman AZ Senate TI 3 6:01-6:04 pm
Don Goldwater PAChyderm TI 3 6:04-6:07 pm
Bruce Jacobs KFYI Radio KI 5 6:07-6:12 pm
Crump & Montenegro AZ House TI 4 6:12-6:16 pm
Gayle Plato-Besley Citizen Activist TI 3 6:16-6:19 pm
Austin Hill KTAR Radio TI 5 6:19-6:24 pm
Frank Antenori AZ House TI 3 6:24-6:27 pm
John Shadegg US Congress TI 7 6:27-6:34 pm
Clint Bolick Goldwater Inst TI 3 6:34-6:37 pm
JD Hayworth KFYI Radio TI 8 6:37-6:45 pm
David Zacharias Prop 13 AZ TI 3 6:45-6:48 pm
Barry Young KFYI Radio KI 5 6:48-6:53 pm
Hugh Hallman Mayor, Tempe TI 3 6:53-6:56 pm
Marc Goldstone AZ Tax Revolt TI 3 6:56-6:59 pm
Ernest Hancock It’s Not My Debt TI 3 6.59-7:02 pm
Terry Gilberg KFYI Radio TI 5 7:02-7:07 pm
Russell Pearce AZ House TI 5 7:07-7:12 pm
Sydney Hay SOS Ballot TI 3 7:12-7:15 pm
Nick Dranias Goldwater Inst TI 3 7:15-7:18 pm
Greg Dutton AZ FairTax TI 3 7:18-7:21 pm
Open Mike Various T/KI 7:21 pm — ?
TI = Tom Jenney introduces KI = Keith Sipmann introduces

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:
This is EXACTLY why I didn**Q**t want to attend this event, I tried unsuccessfully to not be dragged into attending, and now damn if it looks like I have to be there. Ugh. There are a few fine people on the list, but if this crowd allows John SShadegg in it**Q**s midst without treating him like the gubmint does the Constitution, IT IS ALL A SHAM.

ACORN in the audience and (?) on stage interspersed with Patriots (GIVE **Q**EM HELL, ERNIE!) - there**Q**s your **Q**bread and circuses**Q**!

(Don**Q**t forget the tomatoes! MUHAHAHA!!!)

Comment by Jefferson Paine
Entered on:
Worse, Bozo the Hayworth gets 8.

I**Q**m amazed Ernie got in there at all. This looks like the rats running to get in front of the Tea Party Parade.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Interesting US Rep. John **QQ**Bailout**QQ** SShadegg gets seven minutes.

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
Entered on:

Very Interesting! Ernie...I am there to help out. Let me know what,where,when.
Please consider putting/keeping the Freedoms Phoenix video announcing the AZ Tea Party R3VOLUTION on the top of the website everyday until THE day.

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