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Speaker Schedule for Phoenix Tea Party at the Az State Capitol April 15th

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as of 4-9-9

Speaker Guidelines: Keep remarks to 3 minutes maximum, unless otherwise noted. Feel free to hand out flyers, and/or set up tables on the perimeter, and during your three minutes, send folks to your table for more information.
Topics to hit: taxes, spending, debt, bailouts, government takeovers of private industry, defending the Constitution.
Topics to avoid: candidacy for public office,
conspiracy theories, racial issues, sectarian issues. Please arrive 20+ minutes before your start time, in case we need to switch some time slots.

Jenney/Sipmann Organizers TI 5 5:45-5:50 pm
Robert Mayer Tucson Organizer KI 3 5:50-5:53 pm
Ron Gould AZ Senate TI 3 5:53-5:56 pm
Mike Broomhead KFYI Radio KI 5 5:56-6:01 pm
Pamela Gorman AZ Senate TI 3 6:01-6:04 pm
Don Goldwater PAChyderm TI 3 6:04-6:07 pm
Bruce Jacobs KFYI Radio KI 5 6:07-6:12 pm
Crump & Montenegro AZ House TI 4 6:12-6:16 pm
Gayle Plato-Besley Citizen Activist TI 3 6:16-6:19 pm
Austin Hill KTAR Radio TI 5 6:19-6:24 pm
Frank Antenori AZ House TI 3 6:24-6:27 pm
John Shadegg US Congress TI 7 6:27-6:34 pm
Clint Bolick Goldwater Inst TI 3 6:34-6:37 pm
JD Hayworth KFYI Radio TI 8 6:37-6:45 pm
David Zacharias Prop 13 AZ TI 3 6:45-6:48 pm
Barry Young KFYI Radio KI 5 6:48-6:53 pm
Hugh Hallman Mayor, Tempe TI 3 6:53-6:56 pm
Marc Goldstone AZ Tax Revolt TI 3 6:56-6:59 pm
Ernest Hancock It’s Not My Debt TI 3 6.59-7:02 pm
Terry Gilberg KFYI Radio TI 5 7:02-7:07 pm
Russell Pearce AZ House TI 5 7:07-7:12 pm
Sydney Hay SOS Ballot TI 3 7:12-7:15 pm
Nick Dranias Goldwater Inst TI 3 7:15-7:18 pm
Greg Dutton AZ FairTax TI 3 7:18-7:21 pm
Open Mike Various T/KI 7:21 pm — ?
TI = Tom Jenney introduces KI = Keith Sipmann introduces

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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This is EXACTLY why I didn't want to attend this event, I tried unsuccessfully to not be dragged into attending, and now damn if it looks like I have to be there. Ugh. There are a few fine people on the list, but if this crowd allows John SShadegg in it's midst without treating him like the gubmint does the Constitution, IT IS ALL A SHAM.

ACORN in the audience and (?) on stage interspersed with Patriots (GIVE 'EM HELL, ERNIE!) - there's your 'bread and circuses'!

(Don't forget the tomatoes! MUHAHAHA!!!)

Comment by Jefferson Paine
Entered on:
Worse, Bozo the Hayworth gets 8.

I'm amazed Ernie got in there at all. This looks like the rats running to get in front of the Tea Party Parade.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Interesting US Rep. John "Bailout" SShadegg gets seven minutes.

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
Entered on:

Very Interesting! Ernie...I am there to help out. Let me know what,where,when.
Please consider putting/keeping the Freedoms Phoenix video announcing the AZ Tea Party R3VOLUTION on the top of the website everyday until THE day.