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packing information packets at the Office for Tea Party April 15 2009

Written by Subject: MEDIA (MainStreamMedia - aka MSM)
At we have ACTIVISTS who generously invest their time to share information that has been neglected by the main stream media. We are preparing to give away goody bags at the Tea Party and the Rally's at the post offices in Phoenix. I am PROUD to have all these true PATRIOTS as friends. The war is being waged for your mind. We are doing this work so someday minds can be free! Our weapons are DVD's Stickers, Signs, and the internet. We are injecting our pirate signal back into the matrix for the opportunity to free more minds. Our force is small in number yet we are nimble and TIRELESS. The enemy moves slowly and relies on counterfeit pieces of paper for its sustenance. is equipped to do Printing, Video / Audio Recording, Website Design, Advertising and Promoting of your Product, service or activism Project. Got an Idea? call or email Thomas Costanzo 602-434-1725. The Solution is R3volution! 

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