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4409 -- Confronted with the CAFR

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I confront some "republicans" at the Scottsdale library auditorium. In my opinion it seemed as though they were pre-apologizing for any tax hikes that are on the way and claiming it was not them when this happens. Hmmmm
The STATE is taxing (stealing) money from you and the Treasurer... [which is the CFO of the corporation called STATE OF ARIZONA] is investing your money in the stock market. The CEO of the corporation called  STATE OF ARIZONA is Jan Brewer.
This money is NEVER returned to the taxpayer. The only people that see any part of this stolen money are GOVERNMENT employees.

There are two sets of books used so they can hide all the money they make off investments.

Research double entry book keeping or talk to an accountant to see how the scam works

I have been talking about these idiots trying to privatise the roads for over a year. They want to put toll roads in AZ and you know what....they will do it if you do not stand up and say NO.

It's NEVER enough tax for them. Click the link below to read the toll road bill.
The truth and nothing more..... VIVA VOCE 4409

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