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Operation ASU Deception Update

Written by Subject: Events: Arizona
Activists in Phoenix are planing on passing out 10,000 DVD's of the New Film "Obama Deception" before May 13 when Obama will be coming to ASU campus, Help Chip in to the effort by donating Time Money and effort to this worth while cause!
Barak Obama is speaking at Arizona State University on May 13, 2009. The Phoenix R3VOLution is putting together a project to take over the radio waves with pirated FM transmitters that will be broadcasting The Obama Deception (audio) live.

We will also be hitting the streets passing out thousands of Obama Deception/Freedom to Fascism DVD's.
Our goal for this project is to get 10,000 DVD's. WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need donations for blank DVD purchases.

$1 will purchase 4 blank DVD's.
Any donations will be extremely helpful ($1 $5 $10 $20 $100).

Operation ASU will free thousands of people's minds. These DVD's in the hands of "generation next" will counter the efforts of the propagandists.

We have already produced thousands of DVD's and the popularity of this project have exceed our budget.

Thank you so much for your donations.

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