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May Day Celebration

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You're invited to our May Day Festival in downtown Phoenix on May 1 from 5 - 8:15 PM.  There will be light refreshments and a silent auction, but the highlight of the evening will be the Arizona premier of the full length documentary, “Made in L.A.,” an expose about discrimination in the garment industry.
Allow me to introduce ourselves to you as we know you are committed to righting wrongs and are used to dealing with people who have no sense of right and wrong, people who will lie to get what they want and people who do not care who gets hurt in the process.
We represent those who get hurt in the process.
Arizona Interfaith Alliance for Worker Justice (AIAWJ) works to advance the economic interests of low and disadvantaged workers in Arizona since 2006.  AIAWJ works in partnership with business, governmental entities, labor and the religious community to educate and represent disadvantaged workers and assist them in retrieving stolen wages and improving poor and unsafe working conditions.    
When an employee steals from a company, it’s a criminal offense and they get the book thrown at them; when an employer steals from an employee, they do so with impunity.  Nothing happens.  We help employees get what is legally due them – their promised pay in exchange for labor already performed, for which the company has already benefited.
We hope to develop relationships with relevant community leaders and businesses who believe in fairness and justice.  We are affiliated with national Interfaith Worker Justice, which has raised the issue of wage theft on a national level and in Congressional testimony, but our efforts and support are strictly local, and we are formed as an Arizona non-profit corporation.  With your help, we can reach more people and educate them and their employers on employment anti-discrimination.  If you would like a speaker for your upcoming event, please let us know.  

Attached is a flyer explaining our event.  We look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience and seeing  you at our May Day Celebration. Pass this on -- tell a friend.

So, come one, come all.  Join in the festivities.  Buy a few books of raffle tickets and support a good cause (6 chances for $5) for a chance to win a $1,000 mortage or rent payment; 2nd prize = $500.

Thx, Renee.


cc: Mary

Thank you for your support.
Mary DeMers
Board Member and Volunteer
May Day Committee

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