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4409 -- Jan Brewers Amnesty Tour 2009

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Jan Brewer was on her latest Amnesty tour pre-apologizing for raising your taxes (stealing from you) and growing government while you have to cut back.

I questioned Jan about her Idea to increase the Rainy day theft fund by 100%.
Running a government surpluses like in the rainy day fund is stealing!
It represents a taking by the state by force, because it exceeds the government's contract with the community. It is no different than if a federal agency were to take a person's land or possessions without just compensation (an activity barred by the Fifth Amendment).
Excess taxation isn't what the people bargained for. In presuming entitlement or authority not ceded by the community, the state abrogates its moral pact with those it governs. Its power is no longer derived from the people, whose rights to liberty and property it boldly denies.
"Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery" - Calvin Coolidge
I do not understand these people. They have a surplus but they run around claiming they have a deficit. They just received 4 billion in stimulus money and they STILL claim they are in a deficit and have to raise taxes. This is out right LIES.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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4409, an example for all you young hell raisers! Camera + politician = They just can**Q**t help themselves.

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