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Arizona 4 Wheeling has its Dangers,... and Cholla Cactus is certainly one of them

Written by Subject: Arizona's Top News
add a cholla cactus... 
some beautiful scenery... 
and fortunately some people to repair a damaged cholla... 
ooops, my bad, that was the ATV driver. 

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Comment by Kitty Antonik Wakfer
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The way ATVers tear up the desert - and I see them *very* often - this set of pictures sent me into laughter. Talk about justice! This one sure got it and every cholla needle**Q**s worth too. There**Q**s so much beauty out there in the desert and these folks rarely take notice of any of it; just whipping around, damaging the flora and spewing trash as they go. This person and those with him/her will likely never forget that cholla! :)

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