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Steve Anderson at the AZ Breakfast Club 09/04/25

Written by Subject: Activism
Steve Anderson is the brave Pastor who stood up to the Thugs known as the Border Patrol and DPS.  Gives a live account of his experience as he asserts his constitutional Rights to a Border Patrol Check point outside Yuma Arizona. 
Hey Border Patrol News Flash: the "BORDER" is 50 miles south of where your "checkpoint" is!  Perhaps if you would patrol the "BORDER" instead inside the united states you would get more work done!!

The THUGS, I mean Border Patrol decided to surround the PASTORS car to intimidate him into relinquishing his GOD given (UN-A-LIEN-ABLE) Rights to Privacy, and unwarranted search and seizure.  For this "outrageous"  act of questioning the THUGS and standing up for his rights the THUGS called in another group of THUGS, The Arizona Department of "PUBLIC SAFETY" these THUGS proceeded to destroy Pastor Anderson's car by breaking the windows and then TAZING him, an unarmed man, and grinding his face into the glass they broke after throwing him to the ground.  Clearly the THUGS goal is to make an example of those individuals who question their authority.

This whole situation is a gigantic Public Relations NIGHTMARE for the the Government.  Wake Up!  Your government is at war with it's people.  Most people do not even realize our country is at WAR with itself.  Only when a problem is know can it be corrected.  Please digg this article, then send it to your list with the feature provided: email this link.

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