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4409 -- Kicked out of court...again!

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I attended a friends sham photo radar fraud "trial" when I was forced to leave the court when they found out I had a recording device. Yes a recording device.  
Where the Fraud took place:
Mesa Municipal Court
245 west Second ST
Mesa, AZ 85201

Ask for Judge Peters then explain to her that the people have a right to make a record and she shall be removed from that bench if her behavior continues!

Is it me or are they (courts) looking more and more like the criminials. They pad their retirement funds with every conviction. I don't see any self interest there....har har har Look it up yourself. It's listed in the (CAFR) Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

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Comment by Allen Miller
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Good video. This what life is like under a fascist system of unchecked corruption. Until a civil war starts I don**Q**t have any more hope.

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