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Pandemic or Propaganda

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As the world braces for what could be the greatest “natural” disaster of the century, on bated breath we wait; are we really facing a hamdemic of aporkalyptical proportions?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) claim that only ten deaths, one Mexican national in Texas and nine in Mexico, are directly linked to H1N1 (Swine Flu for those politically incorrect).

This newly tabulated data differs from the prior 159 calculated deaths of Mexican officials.  Shortly after phase 4 was reached WHO and the Mexican government began to sing another tune.  Even now in phase 5 Mexico is claiming 12-15 confirmed fatalities while WHO is holding steady at nine.        
As Homeland Security preps for an imminent pandemic, scientists from the CDC and WHO suggest that the flu is very mild and that panic is nonsensical.  WHO even has gone as far as to warn the public against alarmist predictions.  (This is beginning to sound like a bad Abbot and Costello bit)
Yet with all the data spewing out of the UN controlled WHO, leaked documents and first hand testimonials of doctors on the front line reveal the ugly nature of propaganda; someone is lying to convolute the truth.
From the onset of the outbreak in Mexico doctors were leaking information on blogs and comment threads about their government concealing the truth.  The ran the article “Mexican authorities accused of initial cover up over swine flu,” on the 27th of April.  Most of the information gathered for the article was from a BBC news piece titled, “Swine Flu: Your experiences.” Nationally
Syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones claimed to have received a classified document stating that the CDC was intentionally misinforming the public about the risks and spread of the illness. According to the document, which he has yet to fully disclose, Phase 6 will probably be initiated by Monday the 4th of May, and that the mortality rate is much higher than reported.
Supposed leaked documents and anecdotal evidence does little to fill in the gaps, due to the obvious reason of reliability.  Just who is saying what, and why is it being said? As if to confirm or complicate the matter further, shortly after Mr. Jones received the document his websites were hacked and have undergone a constant barrage of denial of service requests which took down multiple times.
Sources close to Steve Quayle, radio talk show host and renowned conspiracy theorist similar to that of Jack Mclamb, report seeing shipments of Tamiflu arrive at guarded instillations, FEMA trailers on route to major cities, and a flurry of military repositioning.  Seems like a lot of movement for a mild influenza virus. 
Mr. Quayle theorizes that the flu was just stage one of the New World Order’s plan to bring in forced vaccinations, quarantines, and FEMA camps for those who dissent.  His timeframe is quickly vanishing as he sees stage two of the globalists’ agenda to appear in the next few days. 
The media’s attempt to calm fears and appear credible revolves around reminding the public that about 36,000 people die every year from the common flu.  While yet in the same breath discuss the possibility of martial law in America.
Most of the Americans questioned reveal an eerie solidarity.  Whether conspiracy minded, or establishment focused the major consensus is that the media and government alike are hyping the evidence to either distract, or to acquire new powers.  Nearly all of the individuals I interviewed feel that they are being sold fear, and therefore reject the idea that H1N1 should be something to worry about.
Speculations abound as to why there exists conflict in the number dead.  Why countries on one hand state a low mortality rate and a decrease in infection, while at the same time shut down nonessential facilities (both here, Mexico, and elsewhere).  All of it when put together seems complicated, incomplete, and at times comical.
Something appears to be missing.  Why would the government continue to beat such an obviously dead horse?  We must remember that the powers that be still remain, and that this situation will have its exploitations.  Given the information at hand, what would be the purpose of the government saying one thing and doing another? 
During my research of H1N1 and the missing link in the equation, I was reminded of a news report I heard when I was just a teenager. The media at the time was hyping the possibility of an asteroid impact with the earth.  After a little digging I found this 1998 article which reports that the government and NASA were seeking a course of action that would neither confirm or denying the existence of an earth shattering impact for at least 72 hours.
Should the CDC/WHO follow the same guidelines as NASA, the public could be kept completely clueless to the severity of a lethal pandemic for at least 72 hours after discovery and confirmation of lethality. WHO officially moved to phase 5 on the 29th of April, declaring that more investigation was needed to move to the next phase.
The mystery surrounding the now infamous H1N1 will ultimately be answered within the weeks ahead.  Either, the media and government are fear mongering, as most seem to subscribe to, or they are withholding information in fear of the anarchy that would ensue.  Could it be that we are being sold something we are not meant to believe?

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