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Patriots kicked out of Mo. state capitol!

Written by Subject: TERRORISM
This is hot breaking news coming live from outside the Missouri state capitol building where Catherine Bleish of Liberty Restoration Project and fellow activists tried to request a meeting from governor Nixon of Missouri. State Highway Patrol was there to greet them.
Catherine is on right now telling us all about it. She's about as mad as hops.

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Comment by Found Zero
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It's a bummer story but in a way it made my day. Activists raced from the MO state capitol to the nearest wireless hotspot and immediately upload the Youtube. Simultaneously Catherine got on the phone to me and told me to activate RTRRadio. That done, I got onto FreedomsPhoenix and filled in the details as Catherine spoke live on RTRRadio. Just when Catherine was finishing up her live rant (and man that gal can rant, eh?), a diligent editor of FreedomsPhoenix had published the story within minutes. Just in time for the wave of the curious and the active to catch on and pass it around.

That was a nice, coordinated, rapid response. Worked like a charm. That was no less than 4 activist groups plus me the free-agent working in perfect harmony.

Distributed movements don't always work that smooth but when it's smooth, it's fast, efficient and brilliant.

Keep up the good work folks!

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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I was kicked out of Superior Court today for having a audio recorder for my OWN is getting completely out of control.

That man probably does not like doing what he is doing...he just wants his freaking pension and will do anything to get it even violate his Oath....pathetic

People like that have NO clue they are nothing but security guards for the coporation called STATE OF MISSOURI and they are protecting the CEO of that CORP.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Obviously, they didn't pay the entry fee. Tickets to ride that ride are not cheap, but they are available to anyone by sending a big check to:

Jay Nixon for Missouri
P.O. Box 11418
St. Louis, MO 63105