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4409 -- Operation ASU: lets's go all the way!

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Spreading these videos and your donations are making this happen... We're going all the way!

Operation ASU has gone super nova. Make donations at our chip in at



We the people don't dream it, We do it!

Oh and yes we let out plans be known...uhhhhhh you think we care??? We have no secrets!

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Comment by Ed Price
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STOP!!! Stop **QQ**Operation ASU!**QQ** You are stealing our future slaves and slave makers from us! How will we ever survive if you take our future fascist soldiers away from us? Stop, before it**Q**s too late. After all, isn**Q**t our fascism only for your own good, as well? Stop now, before the critical point is reached where we are destroyed without hope! STOP Operation ASU!!!

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