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4409 -- Detention officer dumps cripple on the floor!

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Detention officer dumps cripple on the floor breaks 2 ribs. What should be the punishment if any?


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Comment by Aunty Vigil
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Identities of these so called **QQ**officers**QQ**, will be remembered,and at the appropriate time vengeance will be applied from the neck down.Then perhaps they will beg to be picked up properly.As for the morbidly obese **QQ**officer**QQ** who found humor in this...Laugh it up chuckles,your time is coming too.

Comment by Charles Hallam
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No, that **QQ**officer**QQ** ought to get a taste of it**Q**s own medicine. Ok, what**Q**s good for the goose is good for the gander. Tie their hands behind their back and let Mike Tyson punch **Q**em square in the FACE, full force. When is this Fuzz abuse gonna end. Every day, I read the FreedomPhoenix, I am totally dismayed at what I see, PIGS abusing their so called power. I just got one thing to say to **Q**em. **QQ**Your time is gonna come**QQ**, and I hope soon. In my wildest imagination, I never figured America would become **QQ**land of the sheep, home of the Fuzz. Wake up folks, get your guns and get ready to fight. We will soon see who the REAL Patriots are, and those that don**Q**t STAND, don**Q**t deserve the freedom it will bring. Thanks FP for sharing this news with people, otherwise they would never know.

Comment by Bob Smiley
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The deputy should be fired and the sheriff should be sued for assault and battery.

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