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"New Age" Psychobabble Being Swallowed By A Few.

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From MNN Mohawk Nation News,, via email.

MNN.  May 3, 2009.  A near death experience can cause tremendous fear and
trauma and could overrule a person's will.  Such pressure is part of a
colonial strategy to break us down.  Most resist.  A few give in.

The NAFTA Super Highway from Mexico is coming through the Mohawk community of
Akwesasne.  In June 2009 non-native guards, who have shown hatred for
Mohawks, are being handed guns to intimidate and try to exercise absolute
power over us in the middle of our community.   RCMP, OPP, military and para
military agencies are building huge facilities nearby.  Cornwall Ontario will
be a center for police activity.  Nullifying resistance by Mohawks has been a
longtime target.   

Over the last couple of decades a new age ideology has beset Onowaregeh, Great
Turtle Island.  This new age movement is a tool to bring in one world
religion for expediency's sake.  It's a mishmash of Hinduism, Buddhism,
Ghandi, Kabbalah, Scientology, crystals, reincarnation, Raelians, channeling,
fortune tellers, seers and whatever else can be thrown into the pot.  It's
sprinkled with Indigenous philosophy to give it credibility.  This new age
religion with feathers, beads and buckskins is being made palpable to
Indigenous and others.  

This false ideology is geared to direct the masses into the new age of one
world government, one religion and one economic system to be run by war lords
and their criminal handlers.  People have to be indoctrinated to become
obedient and to subdue their reasoning faculties. 

The Kaianerehkowa, the Great Law of the Indigenous people is opposite to the
new age doctrine.  Our philosophy is based on a powerful relationship with
the natural world.  It strengthens our will, which is the watch dog of
humanity.  Nothing is supposed to enter that can harm, mislead or control
us.  This is the basis of democracy and can head off fascism.  True democracy
is equality and everyone has a voice.     

To disarm the will, drugs, alcohol, hypnosis, incantations, spells, rituals,
seances and trances help nullify the ability to say "no".   Eventually we can
lose charge over our "doorkeeper", our will, so that another mental process
can be inserted inside us.  It tells us, "I am your friend, your spirit
guide, your master.  Follow me and I can make you immortal.  It is
disempowering.  An undercurrent is the message, "I am strong and I can kill

U.S. President Thomas Jefferson got the Quakers to help Handsome Lake whose
will was overrun by alcoholism and visions.  He started a revitalization
govement based on these principles to mess up the Rotino'shonni:onwe,

Indigenous history and traditions have been cleverly mixed with new age
concepts.  We are told that other people inhabited Great Turtle Island before
us, that  some of us are extra terrestrials, that everybody should be
vegetarians, that one world government is necessary and that, if we want
peace, we shouldn't be critical.   

The Raelians say that our human creators from space brought love and peace
through a combination of spirituality, sensuality and science.  Scientists
from another planet created all life on earth using DNA!!  The
extra-terrestrials will come back to check on us.   

We are being told to forgive no matter how bad it is.  They don't suggest
change.   The victims become confused and weak so that all political,
economic, social and military levers of power controlling society can be

During the time of the drug culture, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau brought in
new agers to run Indian Affairs in Canada.  He had visited eastern mystics
for enlightenment.  Indigenous organizations were infiltrated.  Healers and
Elders were trained and sent among us and even among the non-native
youth.  It died out for a while.

After the 1990 Mohawk Oka crisis Indian Affairs set up the Kumik Lodge to
train and certify a new slew of healers.  It taught Pan-Indian cleansing,
healing circles, sweat lodges and confessions.  They went into our
communities and jails to learn more about us. 

Today new age covens are being formed in some of our communities.  Ceremonies
and meetings are frequently held.  CDs on universal teachings are watched,
studied and distributed.  Some followers say they can't love products or
travel unless the stars are in the right place.  The adherents call
themselves "universal persons", humans of another time or reality.  Some
have given up all their documents like driver's licenses, birth
certificates, Indian cards, medical cards, membership in their community,
nation and confederacy.   Psyches are being diverted.  Their will has been
weakened.   We don't know if they are giving up their properties or bank

Background:  The new age movement ensnares susceptible people that are
attracted by false spirituality, becoming "ascended masters" and speaking
with "spirit guides".  Critic, Lee Penn, says:  "New age is a pot pourri
of beliefs and practices that fall outside of all faiths".  [] 

According to astrology, crystals, weird workshops and psycho babble, the earth
will be cleansed of those who refuse to evolve.  Traditional morality and
families will disappear.

See list of big shots in the movement.  At Maurice Strong's Manitou retreat
in Colorado, treatment includes everything being taken away from the follower
to suck out the core of their being.   Under the guise of meditation and
sensory deprivation, they are confined into a small space to strip their
identity.  A low protein diet is part of this. 

Barbara Hubbard says:  "Your highest spiritual beings are telling you to
access to an inner teacher' that through "initiation" you can transform
yourself into an "ascended master".  Once our bodies, minds and souls are
drained dry by free sex and trafficking with the spirit world, we ought to
chose to die.  In fact, it seems unethical and foolish to "live on".  

These new age charismatic movements can affect participants in adverse
ways.  Intensely held religious or quasi-religious beliefs and ideology are
imposed on members.  They are promised emotional well-being and a sense of
direction.  They can't make a free choice to leave the group.  They are
pressured to recruit new members, break with families and friends and to
socialize mainly with the group. 

On March 28, 1997, in Rancho Santa Fe, California, thirty-nine young men and
women of Heaven's Gate killed themselves.  They believed that their human
bodies were physical containers that had to be discarded so that their souls
could be transported to a new level of being.  Their souls were to meet up
with a UFO that was trailing the Hale-Bopp comet passing Earth at that
time.  In their new plane of existence, they would inhabit new bodies and
travel through different galaxies.  The charismatic leader was an ex-minister
who called himself Bo after Bo-peep who shepherded sheep.  He was seen as an
omnipotent godlike authority that diminished their anxiety, depression and
alienation.  Members were recruited personally or through the internet.

The Kaianerehkowa goes back to the beginning of time when we started
thinking.  We have our own stories about our origins here on Onowaregeh.  We
should remain with our own principles.  This new age has nothing to do with
us.  We sent away our younger brothers because of their insane behavior and
they came back worse than before.  Some of us may drift away for a time from
what a true human being is.  For most of us, our will is our plan for
survival.  Everything goes back to our connection with the natural world.   

MNN Mohawk Nation News,

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Comment by Lola Flores
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And how's this "New Age psychobabble" worse than the Old Age psychobabble of a Jewish zombie who was his own father and died on a cross where his father who was, of course, himself put him (heeeey, that was actually suicide then!)  to 'save' from themselves people who didn't give a shit or weren't even born yet, who was somehow resurrected and has been AWOL ever since?

Comment by Charzhome S.
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What an excellent newsletter! I am going to (try to) subscribe to it.

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