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Jekyll Island Gathering of... (Ernest Hancock's cryptic VIDEO)

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
A sample of the communications with the attendees is below. I am likely more sensitive than others to the predetermined outcome of this event than others. So I was heavily motivated to go on record before attending the event and having others report on my participation and inclinations.





DA TE:           May 15, 2009


Dear Attendees to Jekyll Island:


I would like to take this opportunity to write you before we are together next week, as a representative body of those taking a Stand for our Constitution and our Republic.


Things have happened quickly to bring this gathering about.  It is important, I believe, for us to look at the great opportunity before us, that we may rise to it and step out with a higher view.


ALL of us have made great efforts in different areas of our common interest – the protection, preservation and enhancement of individual Liberty within the framework of the Constitution, as written. 


Most of our groups and organizations, while devoted to the Cause of Liberty and our Constitution, have operated separately, focusing on a variety of strategies and tactics.   Through these individual efforts, we have accomplished much and experienced many setbacks.  Through it all, we have been making our way here to this time and place.    


It is extremely important we realize what a significant time this is for the Liberty movement in America, particularly as concerns the crisis before us.  It is clear that what we are facing in America right now is so close to the edge, that only our agreeing to come together in a unified coalition of action can make a difference at this point.


How truly wonderful it is to see so many agree to let go and step away from the things that divide us.


As we meet next week, let us be wary of those things that could threaten our esprit de corps.




First, let us remember that the Jekyll Island Project is not so much about solving the nation’s problems as it is about laying the groundwork of an agenda for the upcoming Continental Congress 2009, a national assembly of delegates from each state, where all the ideas and plans for reform that you have been nurturing can and will be presented and discussed in front of a worldwide audience.  The solutions each of you have been proposing in your areas of expertise will find their complete expression at CC 2009, with millions to hear and consider. 


As exciting as your ideas are in terms of their potential for diminishing our national distress, they must wait for CC 2009; they are not for Jekyll Island. We would need weeks together to give the respect, attention and time required to deliberate what each would propose. Such an Activity would pre-empt CC 2009, which will provide the right environment for a thorough presentation and airing (before an international audience).  Such an Activity would naturally be part and parcel of what the CC 2009 delegates eventually decide needs to be done.


CC 2009 was conceived from the recognition that the Constitution is meant to be construed in its entirety, with each of its provisions part of a grand design. CC 2009 is the only plan aimed at addressing ALL the violations of the Constitution, and providing a framework where each can be addressed, not just individually, but as they are related to one another.


The Jekyll Island Project, in turn, was conceived from the recognition that the success of CC 2009 will depend on the early support and immediate channeling of the energies of the men and women activists who are leading the demands for Constitutional accountability in America. In this time of crisis, how much energy can we possibly generate on our own, through our separate streams?


We are here to show Freedom-loving, Liberty-minded Americans that their leaders ARE not only coming together, they are laying the groundwork for CC 2009.  There are many People of this Nation who want to see this and need to see this is happening. 


Eventually there has to be a GREA T COLLABERA TION that translates into peaceful action that is going to mean the difference between the America we were meant to be and one we would not want to live in. 


Jekyll Island is the beginning of this GREA T COLLABERA TION. We are showing Americans (and others around the world) that the Lamp of Liberty is not about to burn out, that we have come to put right in the place of wrong, further supporting other national efforts which are now addressing such constitutional abuses as the Federal Reserve System.  The timing could not be more perfect.


Out of Jekyll Island, comes a coalition for the Liberty movement that can stand firm on a ground that is worthy of our Founding Fathers, giving us the respect and integrity to reach out to our citizens in a manner to which they can respond and embrace.  




There are two open meetings where each of the leaders will be called upon to speak.


On Thursday, in the Club Ballroom, at 3 PM, the leaders will be called in the following order: G. Edward Griffin; Edgar Steele; Vicki Karp; Mark Lerner; Jim Capo; Walter Reddy; Iloilo Jones; Jack Daley; Stewart Rhodes; Clyde J. Cleveland; Tom DeWeese; Jim Clymer; Darrell Castle; Jeff Dickstein; Tom Cryer; Amanda Moore; Alex Jones; Ernest Hancock; Jon Stadtmiller; Gary Franchi; George Shepherd; Michael Badnarik; Jon Roland; Katherine Albrecht; Orly Taitz; William Pitts; Adam Kokesh; Daneen Peterson; Steve Vincent; Raymond D. Powell; Rob Gray; Eric Nordstrom.


NO TE: Each leader is asked to send a very brief statement he would like to be read in introducing him (50 word max). Send asap to


In keeping with the stated purpose of the meeting, and the number of leaders, each leader will have five minutes to 1) discuss a violation(s) of the Constitution and what his/her organization has been doing to end that violation; 2) provide gratitude in recognition of the substantial contributions, achievements and personal sacrifices that have been made in the defense of Liberty by the other participants and their respective member organizations; and 3) voice his/her support of the mutually shared objective of peacefully restoring Constitutional Order through his/her endorsement of the historic CON TINEN TAL CONGRESS 2009 initiative.


NO TE: The event is being recorded, for historical purposes. To maximize the effectiveness of your remarks and in recognition of the time constraints, each leader is strongly encouraged to prepare his/her remarks ahead of time to facilitate the smooth flow of the meeting .  If agreeable, please send a copy to




On Friday, in the Club Ballroom, at 10 AM, during a working luncheon meeting, each leader will have three minutes to recommend a specific activity for the coalition to undertake to inform and educate the general public about CC 2009 and to further its success. The group will then decide which activities the coalition will support.



The message of unity and purposeful collaboration, which has been carefully crafted into the three-day agenda, must now be nurtured, protected and captured in one, official recording of the event. Every precaution must be taken to prevent any potential diminution or undermining of the message and purpose of the Jekyll Island Project, unintentional or otherwise. The event will be filmed by W TP with footage released, on request, for various uses.  We intend to protect the footage to ensure it is never taken out of context or used wrongly.  Only W TP authorized cameras will be permitted to record the meetings inside the Club Ballroom, the Federal Reserve Room and the JP Morgan Room.



We must set a high example which may ease the pressure being brought to bear on other activists across America for defending the Constitution and advancing individual Liberty. We must be careful not to give anyone undue cause for concern by our actions. 


We can accomplish all that needs to be done with a firm resolve, peacefully, truthfully and transparently.  The Truth and the Record will speak for itself.  We do not have to be seen as red-necked revolutionaries ready to “lock and load” to inspire the people of this Nation to wake up and exercise their responsibility as the generational keepers of the greatest governing documents ever given to mankind. They will know who we are by our love of Country, the wisdom and tone of our speech, and by our pro-active, non-violent massing movement


The people will watch to see where we lead.  It is a GREA T RESPONSIBILI TY shared by us all.




We have written the Sheriff responsible for the county in which Jekyll Island is located and have invited him to attend the proceedings.  We have informed the head of Homeland Security. 




The ceremonies to open and close our meetings, as well as a private gathering in the actual Federal Reserve Room are not offered to entertain. They have a specific purpose: to provide the opportunity for us to Honor our Nation, our Founding Fathers and The Principles contained in our Founding Documents.  Let us conduct ourselves with the dignity and decorum of our Founding Fathers, striving to be worthy of their example and that which they have given us to carry on.


What an amazing opportunity is open before us at this time, with more people waking up to the Cause of Liberty each day.   Let us stay focused on the End Goal and discover that we can do this together. And while we are at it, let's make new friends, share ideas and enjoy ourselves.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

Bob Schulz

The meeting at Jekyll Island is to bring together the leaders of the Constitutional movement from across America for the following purposes:

*To participate in a bold, momentous “on-location” event of vast potential significance to set forth a NEW AND RIGHTEOUS RECORD for America to replace and Redress the legacy our Republic has endured since its inception on Jekyll Island in 1910;

*To discuss the state of our Constitution and violations The People now suffer;

*To make evident and secure the collaboration of the national leaders who have dedicated themselves to the preservation of the Constitution and our Founding Principles;

*To provide shared, mutual gratitude in recognition of the substantial contributions, achievements and personal sacrifices that have been made in the defense of Liberty by the participants and their respective member organizations. (NOTE: Please draft a short summary regarding such for you and your organization. Please send to to assist our planning.)

*To mobilize the Freedom leaders of the nation to unify and align their groups toward the collective, mutually shared objective of peacefully restoring Constitutional Order through their committed support of the historic CONTINENTAL CONGRESS 2009 initiative.

*To emerge with a shared vision, a viable plan of action, and a renewed sense of unity, purpose and direction to engage the collective resources and energy of our organizations as we seek to re-ignite the Flame of Liberty within the Hearts of our People and bring them the hope of peacefully restoring Freedom that is the promise of Continental Congress 2009.



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Comment by Charzhome S. (15217)
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Wishing you a blessed journey, Ernie - thank you for going !

Comment by Mike Shipley (7844)
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Great statement Ernie!! No more centralized power, let's not repeat the mistakes that got us to where we are now. This CC event has been worrying me but it's a bit of a relief to know you're there representing decentralization. Give 'em hell!!

Comment by Chip Saunders (1007)
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Jeez, Ernie. Are you sure you want to go be a part of this railroading?

It seems plain from the description of this event that it is merely meant to be able to claim to represent all freedom-oriented activists and groups,...and to be put at the fore of "the movement" and speak for it.

I see that what this organization seeks to do is be able to answer the question "Well who elected you as leader of the Patriot Movement?", point at all who go to this thing and say, "They did."

You are being set up to be USED.

I am VERY disturbed by the language that suggests those attending have "...agree(d) to let go and step away from the things that divide us". Well those things that divide us are not for insignificant reasons, and I know damned well you have made no such pre-arranged compromise, nor have I or anyone else I know. No one in the movement (even those I find bothersome, counter-productive and a drain) should EVER "let go" of what they belive. We may well decide to be on our most neighborly and cooperating best while we work toward goals we hold in common, but there is no way in Hell I'm ever gonna submit by beliefs and objectives to any "freedom collective". (If ANYONE ever does, it should only be because THAT individual wants to,...not because the collective claims they do.)

WTF is Shultz smoking?!?!

Comment by Brock Lorber (11655)
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You canceled an elective surgical removal of your right arm for THAT??!!??

Thanks for representing NO!

I'll bet you'll wish you'd have kept your appointment at some point.