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(Thursday Breakfast) Homosexuality: Nature versus Nurture?

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What:   Homosexuality: Nature versus Nurture?  Our speakers will be Sharon Slater of 'Family Watch International', Bill Gemmill, local Attorneys Marc Victor & David Braun, & retired Molecular Biologist, Powell Gammill. We'll Debate the topic: Do Gay Folks Choose to be Gay or are they Just Born That Way?

Open to the Public.  Please Bring guests!

When:     7:30 A.M., Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jim's Coney Island Cafe

Meeting Room
1750 N. Scottsdale Rd. (map)
(Just North of the 202 on the West side of Scottsdale Rd., South of McKellips)
Tempe, AZ

Who: Pat Schwind, host
(480) 250-8182
(602) 401-6506

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Comment by Rusty Shackleford
Entered on:

if it was would think that the gay gene would have become very rare...seeing that it would have a hard time being passed down to the next generation......

Comment by Jim March
Entered on:
Who gives a damn? It**Q**s a free country.

With that said, how complicated do you think this whole **QQ**gender**QQ** thing is, really?

Lemme give you an example.

I know a couple in California. Married, guy and a gal, same age range, nothing at all odd, right?

**Q**Cept for one thing. He took her last name. And in every other respect, **QQ**she wears the pants**QQ** and they both like it that way.

Most guys are mentally wired to be the **QQ**leadership**QQ** half of a relationship, to one degree or another. Likewise most gals are wired the other way, again with a significant range in how strong the effect is. But it**Q**s not universal. And when one partner is wired very **QQ**dominant**QQ** and the other very **QQ**submissive**QQ** (another set of terms for this) and things can get pretty damn kinky :).

But my point is this: how many **QQ**gays**QQ** are actually guys wired submissive, who find it easier to find a dominant gay guy than a dominant hetero (or bi?) gal? How many lesbians are in exactly the opposite boat?

And are these **QQ**dominance/submissive backwards**QQ** people (relative to their own genders) **QQ**choosing**QQ** to be gay/lesbian, or is it more important to them to scratch the **QQ**dominance/submission**QQ** itch than to be in hetero relationships?

Trust me, talk to gays and they talk very openly about gays being either mentally **QQ**top or bottom**QQ** (another term for this whole thing) while lesbians talk about **QQ**fems and butches**QQ**. So this is a huge part of what**Q**s going on, but still not anywhere near the whole story.

This whole thing is maybe related to but not totally synonymous with the whole **QQ**transgender**QQ** thing. That**Q**s yet ANOTHER whole drama.

Do any of y**Q**all really think you can make judgments about any of this?

I say hell no. Leave **Q**em alone. Sheesh.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:
From what I**Q**ve been told only 2% of all gays were born that way.

The other 98% were sucked into it...

Comment by Jet Lacey
Entered on:

What? Are youse guys runnin**Q** outta topics er what? Well in that case, should I wear my assless chaps and a leather Schirmutze. I also have a ball gag if anyone wants to borrow it.

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