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Written by Subject: Jekyll Island May 2009
At 3:38 PM May 20th 2009 I'll be boarding the '97 Silver Meteor' from Newark, NJ on our way to Jekyll Island.
Following in the footsteps of those that created the Federal Reserve is... "symbolic" I guess. But in just the last few days we have been informed that no video taping will be allowed and that the conference is to be broken up into an "A" and a "B" list that will have separate levels of access to various meetings. I don't think the attendees were planning on paralleling the original Jekyll Island meeting this much :(

I know of several activists that planned on attending with the understanding that they would be reporting to their various audiences in real time and planned to create their own video documentaries (don't worry, I'll have enough for you to know what happened on the inside :) but the closed policy for the event is strange to those of us that have been so open about all of our activities.

My fear (and what I am here to oppose) is the collectivization of the freedom movement into "a thing". There is no collective large enough or powerful enough to oppose the enemies of liberty. And even if there were the battle would leave untold destruction in the aftermath. A decentralized and inspired people are unconquerable, and is the only hope for a culture of freedom that is born of individual effort and will. A freed mind is a very powerful thing because the truth is very very difficult to unlearn.

If the Patriot/Militia Movement of the 90's taught us anything it taught us that governments want us to get organized and gathered into groups. The original "watchlist" of 1994 was much shorter than the government's laundry list of 'groups' and 'bumper sticker displayers' to watch in 2009. I remember first hand the efforts of Janet Napolitano as Asst. US Attorney under Clinton/Reno (now head of Homeland Security) in Arizona with their exagerations to put the "Viper Militia" in jail.

The r3VOLution's endorsement of Ron Paul's message was the result of 100's of thousands (now likely in the millions) of individuals that acted on their own and with local friends in support of a philosophy of freedom. The effort to control that energy would result in killing it, if controlling it was even possible. Even the Libertarian Party has become the black sheep of the libertarian movement. A freedom 'collective' can not oppose 'collectivization'... even if it has a libertarian name tag.

Even the US Constitution is a collective that was used by Hamilton and friends to collectively tax and regulate the newly freed subjects of England and to begin the process of robbing us blind. It was Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine that argued against this collectivization and the result was a compromise with the 'libertarians' of the day, The Bill of Rights. Whatever 'Social Contract' that was created was never willingly signed by me, and in light of the FACTs that the US Government thoroughly ignores the Bill of Rights I would argue that any existing 'contract' has been rendered 'Null & Void'. So why would I advocate for another bite of the collectivist apple?

Jekyll Island is an opportunity for me to defend the idea of individual action without a label. The label may be of benefit to those passing them out but are rarely of any long term benefit to those asked to wear them. The Declaration of Independence didn't define what type of government Americans were dying for, it only made clear that the only justification for any government was for the protection of individual rights,... and that when that wasn't being done it was time to alter or abolish,... NOT REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKE.

Humanity Marches on. The great American experiment has shown us many things, and the most important is that the greatest good for the individual and thus an entire world is the protection of individual liberty. Large collectives can not accomplish this and in fact is a vehicle for tyranny... _every single time_.

The risk of my attending this event is much less than for many others because my views are well known and consistent. I also have access to to help make myself clear to anyone interested (as do you - that was the whole point of creating the site in the first place :) But I fear that there will be an attempt to use my participation as support for something that I do not endorse  so I will take several opportunities when time permits to keep you informed of my opinions as the week passes.


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Comment by Jet Lacey (17811)
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Beautiful report Ernie.

Those of us that know you are well aware that you are similarly jealous of what your perceived intentions are as you are of your liberty. By going down there to observe, it does not, in any way, make you a willing participant in the activities.

Truthfully, all of this smacks of something less than aboveboard. Secretive closed-door meetings with multiple levels of access aboard a train to "Jekyll-f*cking-Island" of all places, reminds me of some Dali-esque Bilderberg whistle stop tour.

Just so all my bases are covered, if you happen to meet David Rockefeller on the train, please kick him in the balls for me, would you? I don't give a rat's ass if he's 93 years old, nor should you.

I think I can safely speak for everyone that we are glad you're down there looking out for those of us who believe in a decentralized, leaderless resistance to the ever encroaching tyranny.


Comment by David McElroy (1027)
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Go at it, Ernie!
You are absolutely correct. The more organized we become, the more we and the agenda of truth, justice, and LIBERTY for ALL becomes subverted and destroyed. No matter what good intentions brought the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights into the world, it is clear the federal tyrants have breached that contract with these united states repeatedly in every area with impunity, and recognize no rights for the people. The socialist drive to "collect" us all must be resisted. The tree of liberty sorely needs refreshed (ref. Thomas Jefferson). God Bless You, Ernie! Keep speaking truth to power, freedom to the people!