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Freedom Ride for the 4th Amendment right now

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[This Friday there is a sign making party at the FP Workshop --- if you want to express yourself and help others for Saturday.] 
On Saturday the 23 of May at 7:00AM we will be starting at the FREEDOMS PHOENIX WORKSHOP at 725 W. Indian School Rd. (map link) in Phoenix and driving to Gila Bend and back. 
For those whom would rather meet us, on Saturday the 23 of May at 8:00 AM, we will meet by the Flag Pole in Gila Bend at the Pioneer Cemetery. (map link -- note incorrect link originally posted has been corrected) Here is a PDF of directions from the FP Workshop to the cemetery.  We’ll have a small memorial service in remembrance of those service members who DIED “defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.” 
We’ll then caravan West on US-8 to the checkpoint at MM 78 with signs expressing our disapproval of this outrageous eroding of the Fourth Amendment and return back.  Bring camcorders, walkie talkies and Old Glory.

Download A PDF Flier of the Event
Pastor Steven Anderson’s recent run in with DECEITFUL U.S. BORDER PATROL AGENTS, and EXTREMELY BRUTAL  D.P.S. OFFICERS dispels the claim that they are looking for drugs, terrorists, or illegal aliens.

It appears the true reason they exist is to harass, intimidate, and condition the UNITED STATES CITIZEN by demanding that we OBEY them or ELSE!  

This elitists regime continues to trample on our rights with their mafia-like ‘protection’ that WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT. Thanks to the fruit of 9/11’s “HOMELAND SECURITY” and “PATRIOT ACT” John Q. Citizen and his family is being TERRORIZED BY HIS OWN GOVERNMENT!! THIS TREASON WILL NOT GO UNANSWERED!!
Meet others like you who SUPPORT OUR 4TH AMENDMENT RIGHT to “guard against unreasonable searches  and seizures” under The Constitution of the United States  of America, land of the free and the home of the brave.  Have you noticed how our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS are disappearing along with all of this country's MONEY?? 

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