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4409 -- McCAIN: "Evidence is Overrated"

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People need to understand that at the start of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars the U.S. Government  was handing out $5,000 to $25,000 to very poor people that would point out "terrorists" or name a foreign fighter.

Now, I am not stating everyone in GITMO is inncocent but I bet many of them are considering that many Afghans live in dirt floor huts in the desert and would claim their own mother was a terrorist to get a hold of that kind of cash.
Hmmm McCain you have no evidence so this is why they are at GITMO. Then you created the military commsions to get around that pesky evidence thing. Now you want them to have a trial? LMAO 
Last time I checked you have to have evidence to have a trial. Your so called trials (tribunals) are nothing more than symbolic theatre or a show trial.
This is starting to sound like our court system where the Judges, prosecuters and cops think that evidence is overrated and just the mere accusation of a cop is evidence of a crime. What comes around goes around!

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Why is it that no -one ever ask McCain why his fellow POW`S gave him the nickname **QQ**Songbird**QQ**?
Or! why hasn`t he been ask about the **QQ**Navajo**QQ** and Peabody Coal Co?

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