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Summer Celebration of Peace - with Cindy Sheehan

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Summer Celebration of Peace

with Cindy Sheehan

Thursday, June 4th, 6-9 pm
Join in and celebrate!

Where: The home of Dale and Silvia
             2415 N. 38th Street (north of Oak on 38th Street)
Donation - $20 at the door
Music, Food and Drink Provided

Fundraiser for Cindy's Internet Radio Show
and local peace efforts
Cindy will speak at Changing Hands Bookstore
Her new book, Myth America
 Friday, June 5th, 7pm
6428 S. McClintock

For more information: 480.894.2024 or

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Comment by Billy Mills
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The "Pastor" that was so mis-treated by the Border Agents was NOT confronted 50 miles from the Border, BUT 5 Miles, the Normal Distance for detecting and Captuing Illegals. WHY was the "Pastor there ?? Was his trip Necessary, was he meeting Drug Dealers for His Shipment under the Guise of being a Good Samaritan and try to Destroy the AGENCY\'s Reputation ??   He needs to point his lies to the Whitehouse and the "THUGS" there. He appears to me to be part of them.  Were his Drugs going to the Congressmen and Senators and he got caught and let his loud mouth write a check his butt couldn\'t cash. \'m a 78 yr. old Korean Vet. and an Ex-river rider that rode the river horseback horseback before there were any roads, but we had our share of Yankee Dimwits come to Texas and let everybody know how corrupt lowlife they were. Fotunately, they left before the "People" of TEXAS rewarded them with the Accomodations of a Beautiful Mexican Style Jail. 

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Just when my creepy-meter was pushing up into the red zone, Jet subjects it to a hydraulic hammer.

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Ernie, I won**Q**t wear my Nixon mask if you don**Q**t wear your **QQ**peace symbol**QQ** sequined thong. (lol)

Is it a deal?

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