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Blood spilled at Mohawk. Peaceful demonstration turns violent.

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MNN.  June 13, 2009. Commissioner Julian Fantino of the Ontario Provincial Police has a longstanding personal grudge against the Mohawks of Tyendinaga.  He wanted to show his power and what he??ll do to anybody who stands up to fascism.  The OPP struck suddenly early Thursday morning on June 11th.    No news coverage.  No pictures.  It was calculated to splatter blood everywhere to send a message on how he will treat Mohawks, Indigenous or anyone who wants to demonstrate peacefully.  The premeditated plan was to hurt people, draw blood and wash it down quickly.  What sharp deadly instruments did they use to draw so much blood?   Where have they hidden them?

Dissent has been outlawed in Ontario.  They don??t want a public inquiry.  They want the OPP to be exonerated.  The cops came from outside the area so the locals could not recognize them.  They could be special forces or commandos trained to maim and inflict injuries that terrorize the victims.  This is worse than being tasered or beaten by a baton.  Their orders came from some outside agency untraceable to politicians or Parliamentary scrutiny.   Did it come from the Pentagon or Camp Petawawa or Fort Drum in NYS?  Are elite soldiers using us to train on how to strike quickly and leave without a trace?    

The Ipperwash inquiry established the principle that politicians cannot order such attacks.  An unsigned letter from the Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs or a press communiqu?? from the Tyendinaga Council or a letter from the Akwesasne Council are political.  Using them as official authorization is illegal.  The police can only enforce the law, not to push the orders of a politician.    

The Mohawks were passing out information to support our people at Akwesasne who don??t want gun toting agents in our communities.  They were standing side by side with the police at the Skyway Bridge.    

The police had blockades at both ends of the Skyway Bridge.  The squad knew we had no weapons.  Chief Tim Thompson of Akwesasne went to Ottawa to speak on Parliament Hill.   Minister of Indian Affairs Chuck Strahl, NDP leader Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc Quebecois were there.  

Jim Potts wrote a report on how to deal with us called, Nonce:  Policing and Aboriginal Occupations and Protests, 2005.  We are viewed as criminals for questioning their authority and jurisdiction.  

The key ingredient is for the police and other military organizations to stand back at first.  Different people in the community are recruited to be liaisons with the police and military, and to keep tabs on the people for them.  They articulate the cops' position of wanting everybody to tow the line and walk in lock step with the totalitarian regime that is being set up.  Blame and suspicion are cast on community members.

It's a how to on how cops can brutalize people and not be prosecuted.  It's to stop people from exercising their legal rights to peaceful demonstrations, which is a basic right in a democracy.  

Apparently the government is worried that our greater well-being and higher education will generate a greater level of sensitivity that the state wants to keep in check.  More sophisticated Indigenous can articulate our grievances.  The government and police are looking for other ways to suppress us.  Brute force has become a main option.  

At Tyendinaga the armed para-military officers arrived en masse by the hundreds.  They carried out a military style "shock and awe" attack against unarmed civilians.  No questions asked and no qualms about inflicting bodily harm.      

Military goons sent in to beat us up is illegal.  Has secret legislation been passed to do this?  Was this a military decision because the government has designated us as insurgents and terrorists?  This operation was meant to eliminate dissent as part of martial law.  People will not be allowed to protect themselves in the new world order.  

According to the Smart Borders agenda and other agreements under NorthCom, the Canadian police and military are controlled by the Pentagon.  Is that why Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff is afraid to speak?  Can he or anybody be designated as an insurgent for not going along with the program?  The message is that when the roundup is done, those who question the Prime Ministers Office could be taken away in the paddy wagon.  

In 1997 the New York State Troopers wanted blood at Onondaga.  They attacked over 100 people during a tobacco ceremony.  The state searched for those troopers who hate Indians so much that they volunteered to smash heads, including women, children and even a baby in a stroller.  12 years later we refuse to take money to settle.  We want the trial of the NYS troopers and the NYS handpicked pseudo Confederacy Chiefs who sent them in.      

How many OPP or soldiers were questioned as to their level of anger and innate prejudice against Indigenous?  Were they offered extra money as mercenaries to smash our heads or just because they hate us?  Did Fantino find them?  Or were they soldiers who came to search and destroy?          

Some kind of law suit should be taken against this brutality.  If no one holds them accountable, they will start smelling blood.  They will only be satisfied when they see more.  A handpicked hired gun was sent in to murder Dudley George at Ipperwash in 1995.  Now, like vampires they want to drink Mohawk blood so they can sprout wings and terrorize everybody.  Watch out!  The police state has arrived.  [See photos of attack]  

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