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The Free Agents Network Needs Our Help

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The Free Agents Network is an activism-oriented, libertarian website created by a group of amazing liberty loving folks.
The Free Agents Network also includes a social networking site (a Facebook for liberty people!).
After signing up (free) you can socialize with others, write blogs, join groups and much more.
This is where Freedoms Phoenix come into play...
When the guys from The and friend Nick Puglia visited the workshop, they were greatly inspired by the achievements of Freedoms Phoenix; they decided to create a group on the Free Agents Social Network called "Free Agent Labs."
What is a "Fr33 Agent Lab?"
"FAN Labs work to provide the tools to help promote freedom on and off line. FAN Labs is working to build a workspace providing the equipment, and people with the skills, to help spread the message of liberty. As the Labs grow, they will offer seminars on building and using the equipment, and a special R&D team working on the newest in activist technologies." More information about FAN Labs can be found on the site.
Sound familiar? Facilities like the Freedoms Phoenix workshop have tremendous value to the liberty movement and the Free Agents Network is helping to spark the creation of many "Freedoms Phoenix Workshops."
The way you can help the The Free Agents Network is by joining the site, joining "Fr33 Agent Labs" and putting your 2 cents in about what you have learned when creating and working in one of these amazing facilities. 

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The website for the Free Agents Network  is,

 I typed it wrong in the article.