an honest judge?

Written by Mobius Nemesis Subject: Politics: Libertarian Campaigns
Court started approximately 6 minutes late which is not uncommon in both civil and criminal matters. The defendant’s attorney was an elderly gentleman of an almost civil repose and a seemingly congenial nature. Where it not for the fact he had been hired by one of Satan’s dominions I would have enjoyed conversing with him about his previous litigations and legal conquest(s). Yet, due to my current personal situation I tend to shy away from those in Persephone’s employ.
Plaintiff Eason, a man of great spiritual commitment and strong resolve, was anxious yet adamant about his forthcoming experience.  His supporters numbered 10 or more and as such caused Themes’ scale to sway toward justice with the velocity and coefficient of a 50 BMG.
The aforementioned parties are mentioned only for conceptual nature as this article is truly about what I will forever consider an amazing event. I personally witnessed such a spectacular event that I would have previously denied possible. Such a momentous event must be preceded by a caveat for those familiar with American juris prudence. I never expect to see such a miraculous event again, but will repetitively pray that I do. Regardless of your opinion or belief I promise you I saw and heard what I say I saw and heard. So here it goes.
I witnessed a judge, in this instant matter, Judge John Buttrick actually follow the law and rules of civil procedure in an attempt to achieve justice and equity pursuant to the laws of Arizona and the U.S. Constitution. Please do not call me a liar as I might possibly do to you if I heard you make such a bazaar claim pertaining to an event occurring in a chamber under government control. What I witnessed is as hard for me to believe as it is for you to believe reading. But I affirm I did witness what I claim.
There were at least 9 other witnesses to said event and each state a similar claim.
There was an almost jocular attitude in the court and pleasantness emanating from the bench I thought not possible in what I usually refer to as the ultimate den of inequity.
More correctly the pursuit of justice and decency seemed to actually be of some import in this room where many life changing decisions have been forcibly made. Vi et armis was completely remiss in this setting due only to what seemed to be the nature of the one chosen to decide the fate of so many people.
Though I know not what the outcome of this tortuous event  may be I feel at the very least the one deciding said outcome will attempt to be fair and equitable guided by an inviolate sense of ex dolo malo no oritur action as virtuous as Roman mancipatio.
An extension was granted allowing the defendant to acquire for and provide to the Plaintiff and the court the “original wet ink signature NOTE” until July 10, 2009. Such continuation is usually several weeks. Time is of the essence in this matter do to a pending foreclosure sale so both parties were amicable to the short continuation. At issue more than the time limit itself is the reason for said extension. INDYMAC, MTC and/or who ever the real party in interest is has until said date to bring into court the original NOTE, that is the original, not a copy, not a certified copy, not a picture thereof, nor evidence thereof, ONLY the original wet ink signature NOTE.

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