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What is a trillion dollars?

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This is a series of pictures which is gives a visual representation on what a Trillion dollars looks like.  It is a series of slides that goes from 100 "dollars" all the way up to ONE TRILLION dollars.  A TRILLION is 1 followed by 12 zeros 1,000,000,000,000.  
To get an idea on how large a Trillion really is, take a guess now as to how many YEARS a trillion seconds is the answer will be provided at the end of the slide show.  From all of us to all of you...ENJOY!! 
While you are enjoying the pictures consider that your governmental overlords have indebted your children and your children's, children to the tune of 50 TRILLION dollars.  Be sure to share this with as many people as you possibly can!

1. How much is a TRILLION?

2. What does a TRILLION DOLLARS look like?
3.  Here's a Hundred "dollars".
one hundred buck dollars denomination
4. TEN THOUSAND "dollars"
ten thousand 10000 10,000 bucks dollars decadant

5. ONE MILLION "dollars"
one Million buck dollars denomination

6.  ONE HUNDRED MILLION "dollars".one million bucks buck dollars denomination pallet

7.  ONE BILLION "dollars".one billion 1,000,000,000 bucks buck dollars dollar denomination

8. Please Have a seat!

9. ONE TRILLION "dollars"!
one trillion 1,000,000,000,000 10000000000000 10x13 bucks buck dollars dollar denomination

10.  For a Geener America

11.  The new TRILLION "dollar" BILL
one billion 1,000,000,000 bucks buck dollars dollar denomination bill obama federal reserve fraud

12.  Now spread the weath!

And now this is the official federal debt of 10 TRILLION dollars.  Does this graphic put it into perspective?  See the tiny speck in the lower left hand corner that is a human being.

Ten trillion 10,000,000,000,000 100000000000000 10x14 bucks buck dollars dollar denomination 
Now multiply times 10 that would be 100 TRILLION dollars!  All these pallets of "money" called "dollars" can be replaced with  one new note.  Think about all the expense that went into printing all this money.  Plus there is all the time needed to print it.  The government spends money faster then the printing presses can print.   Don't laugh because that is what was done in Zimbabwe when they experienced their hyperinflation.   What is remarkable is when you see it at this level.  It all comes into focus.  What the government is doing is CRIMINAL!  so here is a 100 trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe
zimababwe 100 trillion dollar note 100 x 13 denomination bill hyperinflation
and now think about the question I asked earlier on how long is ONE TRILLION seconds.  Before I answer the question take a think about a guess now.  Don't cheat and use a calculator.  I figured this out by hand when I was very, very, very bored.

31,709.79 YEARS

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