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Thurs. Breakfast: Frank Rickey speaking on "Individualism by Thoreau"

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What:   (The Arizona Breakfast Club's own) Frank Rickey presents "Individualism by Thoreau": To what Extent can Government Legitimately Compel Individuals to Act Against their Own Free Will?

Open to the Public.  Please Bring guests!

When:     7:30 A.M., Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jim's Coney Island Cafe

Meeting Room
1750 N. Scottsdale Rd. (map)
(Just North of the 202 on the West side of Scottsdale Rd., South of McKellips)
Tempe, AZ

Who: Pat Schwind, host
(480) 250-8182

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Comment by Ed Price
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Here's what it's all about. He (she, it) who acts successfully to control others is government. Period. 

If somebody has the ability to resist government successfully, but doesn't do it, too bad. That person is not government. 

Might does not make right. Might determines what exists. That's all. No government is strong enough, knowledgable enough, capable enough to control what rightness or righteousness will be. Such determination is left entirely to the Creator. Might only determines what will be. And that, only for a time. 

If there was an old hobo living out in the woods, and he decided to go to town and become the emporer of the world, if all the military forces in the world could not stop him, guess who would be government? 

If you are a hostage in a hostage situation, you just might be forced to select which government you will serve - your captor, or death.

You are the one who selects who your government will be. If you are stronger in your selection than somebody else ins in his, then your selection becomes the government. If somebody else is stronger, then that person's selection becomes the government. 

"Divide and conquer" worked well for the Romans and certain other military people. But even the Romans couldn't stand against the divided forces of the German guerillas. Used properly, guerilla warefare can conquer the greatest military. The saying changes from "United we stand, divided we fall" to "Divided we stand, as long as we are united in our division." 

One of the best places to keep government officials, is in their physical offices inside government buildings. That way we know where they are. 

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