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Expansion of Homeland Security and FEMA in Arizona

Written by Subject: Police State
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Sent: June 2009
Subject: readyness centers
I am a contractor in az. And I have received sets of plans to bid and construct 2 “readiness” centers for the fema/dept. of homeland security. I would like to “put it out there” but are un-sure if I can without legal problems or even should I ?  what kind of a reaction will this get? Please advise……
From: Ernest Hancock
Sent: June 2009
Subject: RE: readyness centers
Unless they have some sort of contract with you not to share I don’t see what the problem is. It’s our money (liberty) at stake here.
I’m more than happy to help you share baring any unforeseen threats of death and damnation from Big Bubba,… hell, especially if there are :)
602 717 5900

Sent: June 2009
To: 'Ernest Hancock'
Subject: RE: readyness centers

The only item I cant put out there is the plans as they are property of  the general contractor who is ( )        benham constructors a company that states clearly on their website what they do. It is a bit shocking .go to their website, click on homeland security and see….
Most important is the 50 page solicitation for bids. This is available at                                                                                               
                                                                                                                                                      (SAVED PDF of DOCUMENT)   it is a link to info including all 3 readyness centers for az. Camp Navajo,camp Florence and camp mcdowell readiness centers.     Go to page 4 line 8 and see link. It does require registration for security as I am registerd but it wont stop you from seeing it you can also see other readiness centers being built. Take special note on page 24 of 50 under clauses incorporated by reference.
There is a logical explanation for this clause and it is not what it appears to be. Just google the clause # for more info…

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