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Liberty Riders possibly swallowed up by Arizona desert.

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Although someone could just pick up the cell phone and call Ed. But why spoil this kind of drama? I mean, after Costanzo broke out ahead of the pack and headed for Seligman, he went ahead into the Sonoran desert with no food, no money, no cell phone, no phone numbers and very little water. The man could be dying out there at this very moment.
And the rest of the guys went out well behind the support vehicle under John's competent management, but John was ordered to find Costanzo at all costs. So he went with the cyclists trailing and no official post has occured since.
They could be dead out there for all you know. But not me. I was overcome by curiosity and called them. Their mood seemed to be rather non-desperate for guys that have pedalled into a headwind for 3 days. They just made Kingman. This wind is really laboring them.
At least Costanzo, after a timely rescue from John in the support vehicle, knows not to go riding off into the Sonoran desert with not so much as a hanky in his pocket.
Folks, all we gotta do is get Mike out of AZ alive and well and we've done our part. I chastized him duly for not having taken a swim in the Colorado River when he rode over it and I've encouraged him to take a dip in Havasu. Somebody up there take they boys to Copper Canyon. Then we'll get some pics up on these here boards.
That enough drama for ya?

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Comment by Found Zero
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I'm sticking by my story. My phone call minutes ago with the crew is UNVERIFIED FIRST HAND REPORTING. For all you people know, buzzards circle their bones at this moment.

 Sleep with nightmares and chilled bones in the desert heat oh children, for this could happen to you.

You could become a patriot too.

Comment by Found Zero
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I should have posted this under "humor". Alas. But the drama factor is awesome. Come on, this is where it's most credible. John Wayne, cowboy style.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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They were 8 miles outside of Kingman at around 4PM MST.  They had a strong tail wind, so I suspect they were in Kingman for the night by 5PM.   Should easily be in Vegas tomorrow.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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On our way to Las Vegas Mick Fink and I saw the RV on the side of the highway this afternoon waiting for the riders to catch up.

Later Donna and Powell drove by the riders and stopped to chat. She has a photo on her phone.


So they were OK late this afternoon.

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