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The Game of "The Century" Coral Cross

Written by Subject: Healthcare Industry
A video game intended to simulate a near-future global influenza outbreak was set to be released in late 2009. However just weeks before the release  the actual H1N1 pandemic erupted.
The video game, Coral Cross, is about a deadly pandemic that leads the player through processes requiring decisions be made under the threat of impending death. Under the pressure of the clock, should the wrong decision be made, billions could die.
Unfortunately, Coral Cross has become more than a game by not only programing the users to the idea of central dictates from government but the potential of actually becoming real, and the "Game of the Century."
In the meantime, Coral Cross points infected fingers at those that might actually be complicit in knowing that a pandemic was coming, before it erupted in Mexico. Because, just weeks before the game's release the actual H1N1 pandemic erupted and...
The game was funded by the US Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC).

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