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The Free Market and its Enemies

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The Free Market and its Enemies
A book of Quotes asembled by James R. Cook
“Capitalism has been the liberator of mankind.” Richard M. Ebeling

“The principle failure of the market has been an inability to make the masses understand it” James Cook

"If any behavior needs to be reined in, it should be the propensity of people to use the political system to take other peoples money" Jeffery Singer 

"The Private Economy, Not the government, creates opportunity.  Government should just deliver basic services well and then get out of the private sectors way." Steve Melanga

"If the history of welfare teaches us anything, it teaches us that government money is as addictive as any narcotic." Michael D. Tanner 

"What both the left and right overlook is our founding fathers' wisdom about the limits and dangers of government." Ed Crane

"The way to maximize production is to maximize the incentives to production.  And the way to do that, as the modern world has discovered, is through a system know as capitalism - the system of private property, free markets and free enterprise."  Henry Hazlitt 

“It should be noted that people in the free market rarely bear false witness; integrity is the rule.  The morning milk, phone calls, planes the airlines buy, autos by the millions – no one could list he instances  - are as represented.  We have eloquent, testimony that the Ten Commandments can be and are observed by fallible human beings.  Contemporary politics is the most glaring of all exceptions.”  Lenard E. Read

“New Taxes are so unpopular that most ‘social’ handout schemes are originally enacted without enough increased taxation to pay foe them.  The result is chronic government deficits, paid for by the issuance of new money.” Henry Hazlitt

“If you care about people, don’t give them money they didn’t earn.”  James Cook

“Capitalism gave the world what it needed, a higher standard of living for a steadily increasing number of people.”  Ludwig von Misses

“It is impossible to maintain a free society when more and more people look to the state to provide what Americans used to provide for them selves”  Warren Pollok

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Comment by Lola Flores
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"Capitalism has been the liberator of mankind" 


ROFL!   Mr. Ebeling should specify exactly which men have been liberated by Capitalism cause it sure as hell hasn't been the working man or those in Third World Countries. 

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