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The Free Market and its Enemies

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The Free Market and its Enemies
A book of Quotes assembled by James R. Cook Page 2
“Money is color-blind, race-blind,  sex-blind, degree-blind, and couldn’t care less who brought you up or is what circumstances.” Felix Dennis
“Government planning always involves compulsion.” Henry Hazlitt
“The modern campus is deeply obsessed by race and gender, and not much else.”John Leo
“The policies advocated by the welfare school remove the incentive to saving on the part of private citizens.” Ludwig Von Mises
“The best way to help the poor is to slash taxes and to allow savings, investment, and creation of jobs to proceed unhampered.”  Murray N. Rothbard
“Taxes are a penalty on progress.”  James R. Cook
“In a world dependant on international trade and commerce, and staggering undera heavy load of international debt, no policy is more destructive than protectionism.  It cuts off markets, eliminates trade,, causes unemployment in the export industry all over the world, depresses the prices of export commodities, especially farm products of the United States.  It is the crowning folly of government intervention.”  Hans F. Sennholz
“You are surer that you are doing good when you pay money to those who work, as a recompense of their labor, than when you give money merely in charity.”  Samuel Johnson
“Contrary to age old prejudices, the wealth of the rich is not the cause of the poverty of the poor, but it helps to alleviate that poverty.” Henry Hazlitt
“Big-government conservatives display a great naiveté about the way government works.  They appear to believe that limited programs will not grow or see their original purposes corrupted.  But little in the history of government justifies such faith.”  Michael D. Tanner
“It is amazing how many people think that the government’s role is to give them what they want by overriding what other people want.” Thomas Sowell

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