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Mark Yannone - FreedomsPhoenix contributor and Arizona Activist found dead

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Mark Yannone the philosopher

Steve Yannone (no relation - close friend) steveyannone at
Will provide more details when family comes to town. Close friends can contact Steve for more details. It is believed that he died from an epileptic seizure that he regularly suffered from. Sometime between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. We'll have more details as they become available.
Many of us have known Mark since the mid 90's as a very principled and active libertarian. He was expected to be heavily engaged in the coming election cycle again. He will be missed.

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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 I am stunned speechless!


Mark was a damn good man and I will miss him.  My heart goes out to his family and friends.  GOD BLESS HIS SOUL!



Comment by Steve Yannone
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 Several of the comments here hit it right on the nose " you didn't have to agree with everything Mark professed to like him, he was a likeable guy all on his own". When I met him several years ago due to our common name it was amazing how many things we did have in common family wise and we became fast friends. As he eased me into his thinking he never argued his stance but gave you plenty of thinking room to decide for yourself, kind of take it or leave it with a lot of conviction. We had many laughs over dinner and a glass of wine bantering thoughts back and forth. He did become family and we enjoyed our Italian heritage and family functions especially remembering the introductions "my long lost cuz from the old country". It always got a laugh! We will miss him, thank you all for your kind remarks for a one of a kind guy.

Comment by Joe Abodeely
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I did not personally know Mark, but I know people who did and they respected him greatly.  I've read some of Mark's information, and I did not always agree with him, but I respected his courage to say what he thought was right.  And often he WAS right.  It takes courage to speak out on controversial issues, but that is how this great nation was created.  Courageous men took a stand against great odds to create an ideal of a nation dedicated to providing certain inalienable rights to its populace.  We often seem to forget those rights and become deceived by liars who wrap themselves in the flag or profess their two-way communication with God, but people like Mark tried to tell us what he thought was the truth.  The issue is not that he was right or wrong--the issue is that he tried.  He'll be missed.

Comment by Kim Laurie
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Mark was a big supporter of our show "Culinary Confessions" he will be missed.  He spend hours on the phone with me helping with all of my computer needs.  He was so patient.

I truly admired his commitment to his beliefs.  I feel honored to have known him.  


Comment by Barry Hess
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Mark will be sorely missed by the Freedom movement.  Thankfully, for him, his struggles in the battle between good and evil are over, and he can be at peace with his Maker.

He fought the good fight in total disregard of the odds he faced, we used to laugh about it, "If I'm tilting at windmills, then I'm gonna kill me some windmills" was uttered almost every time we spoke.

I remember our first meeting at a campaign event back in 2000.  He never waffled, never pulled any punches, he just stuck to 'freedom'.  I remember his fear of public speaking made his lips tremble as he implored of his audience to think for themselves and to chose the path of individual freedom.

For many reasons, I was in awe of him.  He overcame his personal fears for a cause that was bigger than any of us and never compromised on his principles.

We'll see ya later, Mark, rest well my friend.



Comment by Matt Sharp
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Didn't know Mark, but read a lot of his articles here.  To his friends and family.......... The Patriots of Arizona have lost a brother and a voice for freedom that will be truly missed.    You're in our prayers.     

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Man this sucks! Big time. 


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