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Moon Shot was a FAKE!

Written by Subject: Conspiracies

Take a look at the following propaganda video on the 40th anniversary of the "landing on the Moon".  There are GLARING photographic errors in the pictures of the supposed lunar landing the "landing on the Moon".  These issues are blatant PROOF that the whole thing was staged.  You will clearly see at .49, 1:10, 1:56 the shadows are going completely different directions.   The picture at 2:00 there is no shadow for the flag.  These inconsistencies are proof the whole thing was staged.

When there is a discrepancy between photographic evidence and first hand evidence the side would always be taken with the photographic evidence.  People can lie or exaggerate the truth.  On the moon there would only be ONE and only ONE source of Light, Period. Finito.  The official report says there were no extra lights carried on the mission.  Therefore when the shadows are not parallel to each other there HAS to be another light source.  This is Ockham’s razor: The principle states that the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible, eliminating those that make no difference in the observable predictions of the explanatory hypothesis or theory.  Even simpler: the simplest solution is most likely the correct assumption.

In order to have convergent shadows there is only one POSSIBLE solution: multiple light sources.  Being the astronauts were on the moon and no one else was there, where could this other light source come from?  The best and most logical answer is the astronauts never left earth and we on a stage, no different than a movie set.   It’s like watching a movie and noticing something that is out of place, however we realize it is a movie and it’s no big deal. However being this is supposed to be real and there are inconsistencies, WITH THE LIGHTING, there is only one POSSIBLE explanation:  we were watching a REALLY expensive movie that you forced to pay for, courtesy of the government.   Also we see in the video at 1:10 the astronaut is moving out of the Lunar Module this area is total in the shade.  The light is coming from the rear and a bright on at that. Therefore he would be totally in the shade.  His body should be completely silhouetted or not visible at all.

Finally at 2:00 there is no shadow for the flag.  All these errors present in this short video, which are not small anomalies, these are major inconsistencies.  Its like someone being in a car crash and saying I was “I was only doing 10 miles per hour” and yet the skid marks are 200 feet long! The most obvious conclusion is that the whole thing was fake and staged.   


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