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Arizona Capitol Times - Leaders of the Year in Public Policy Awards.

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FreedomsPhoenix ( - the r3VOLution - Declare your Independence radio - YouTubes - Campaign for Liberty - 4409 - CameraFRAUD etc.) I feel a campaign coming on :) And all of this activity was done without the use of force (taxes)

Arizona Capitol Times is now accepting nominations for its annual Leaders of the Year in Public Policy Awards.

This event was created in 2007 to shine the spotlight on individuals and organizations that advance public policy by implementing and championing creative strategies to positively impact the state and the lives of Arizonans, without regard to political affiliation or partisanship. Nominations are solicited from the community, and honorees are selected by a panel of their peers that includes past winners and community leaders.

To nominate someone, either print, fill out and return the form included below to the Arizona Capitol Times (1835 W. Adams St., Phoenix, 85007) or click here to submit an online nomination.

The deadline for nominations is Monday, Aug. 3.

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