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The Free Market and its Enemies

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The Free Market and its Enemies
A book of Quotes assembled by James R. Cook           Page 4
“Highly graduated taxation realizes most completely the supreme anger of democracy.   Creating a state of things in which one class imposes on another burdens which it is not asked to share, and impels the state into vast schemes of extravagance, under the belief that the whole costs will be thrown upon others.”  W.E.H. Lecky
“Here in the united States, we’ve seen failure of mass programs of redistribution and the financial crisis to which they give rise.  And yet many continue to defend and promote them.”  Robert A. Sirico
“Neither the entrepreneurs nor the farmers nor the capitalists determine what has to be produced.  The consumers do that.” Ludwig Von Mises
“To enslave a people, give them money they did not earn.” James Cook
“What… can a government do to help the poor?  The only answer is the libertarian answer:  Get ot of the way.”  Murray N. Rothbard
“To assign to everybody his proper place in society is the task of the consumers.  Their buying and abstention from buying is instrumental in determining each individual’s social position.  Ludwig Von Mises
“Government –to-government aid rests on socialistic assumptions and promotes socialism and stagnation, whereas private foreign investment rests on capitalistic assumptions and promotes private enterprise and maximum economic growth.”  Henry Hazlitt
“The Market is color blind.” W.H. Hutt
“Once a bureau is created its staff becomes a tenacious political grou, well placed to defend its budget and to make a case of expanding its activities.”  Robert Higgs
“The truth is that the characteristic feature of capitalism was and is mass production for the needs of the masses.”  Ludwig Von Mises
“To write about business one should be in business, just as in writing about Tasmania one should visit Tasmania.”  James Cook
“Under capitalism men provide for themselves, while under socialism they are provided for.”  Ludwig Von Mises

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