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The Free Market and its Enemies

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The Free Market and its Enemies

A book of Quotes assembled by James R. Cook        Page 6

“In assuming any office besides its essential one, the State begins to lose the power of fulfilling its essential one.”  Herbert Spencer

 “In talking about equality and asking vehemently for its realization, nobody advocates a curtailment of his own present income.” Ludwig Von Mises

 “The promise of American capitalism is that it makes people richer, freer and more independent.  But since the introduction of the Fed, the currency in which Americans keep score has so addled the figures, we scarcely know if we are winning or losing.  The dollar we knew as a child in the 1950’s is only worth a tenth as much as today.”  Bill Bonner

“Public opinion takes no offense at the endeavors of farmers workers clerks teachers, doctors, ministers, and people from many other callings to earn as much as they can. But it censures the capitalists and entrepreneurs for their greed.” Ludwig Von Mises

“Whether ancient of modern, monarchy or republic, coin or paper, each nation descends pretty much the same slippery slope, expanding government to address perceived needs, accumulating too much debt, and then repudiating its obligations by destroying its currency.” James Turk and John Rubino

The entitlement mentality so carefully cultivated by liberal academics, politicians, clergymen and journalists continues to corrode the self-sufficiency that once defined the American Character.”  Mona Charen

“The sad truth is that one of the reasons people have to go on relief in the first place is that they have been as incompetent or heedless in spending money as earning it.  The worst thing one can give a spendthrift, a drunkard, a drug addict or a compulsive gambler is cash.”  Henry Hazlitt

“Both fact and logic seem to me to support the view that savings invested in privately own economic tools of production amount to an act of charity.  And further, I believe it to be – as a type – the greatest charity of all.” F. A. Harper

“It is said that government is a necessary evil, but it is a far more EVIL than necessary.”  James Cook



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