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Update: Motor Home Diaries Crew Detained at Canadian Border

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Update 4 from Adam Mueller: just got off the phone with @MHDiaries they are getting some distance from the border thugs and calling me back. But said they are ok!

Update 3 from Jason on Twitter: And now we get to drive through U.S. Border security.

Update 2: :

Jason and Pete from Motorhome Diaries have been detained at the Canadian border leaving Vermont on I-91. They have been there for the last 4 hours, MARV has been searched by both state agents and the K-9 patrol. The MHD Guys were filming as the neared the check point, but the video was deleted and they were informed if they continued to film, record, or take pictures they would be arrested.

A box of literature from the Allience of the Libertarian Left was taken, and a copy of Crispin Sartwell’s “Against the State” was left out on the counter. The RV was ransacked but thankfully not to the point it was in Jones County, Mississippi. Their laptops are now in the possession of the state agents, and those agents are reading about fr33 Agents, The Free State Project, and Jason & Pete’s former employer. One agent has accused them of ’spreading misinformation.’

The guys have been told that the state agents are looking for “Pornography or Heinous Propaganda.” When asked for a definition of “Heinous Propaganda” or the applicable statute they were told it was available online, but they don’t have computers or Internet access.

The agent that is holding them hostage is Agent number 17258, and his supervisor, Miguel Begin (sp?) can be reached at 819.876.7821 x112. Stay Tuned for further updates.

Update from Jason on Twitter:  I'm denied entry into Canada along with @peteeyre. Jones County cited. #MHD

(07/23/2009 04:49:55 PM) JDTalley: At the Canadian Border for 3+ hours. Vehicle searched. Video deleted. K9 called. Still waiting to be released. #MHD

(07/23/2009 04:53:02 PM) JDTalley: I’m told that Miguel Begin, supervisor of agent 17258 who is holding us here, can be reached at 819.876.7821 x112 #FR33 #MHD

Xaq Fixx has called into Free Talk Live. Will be updating with a post.

Looking for pornography and “heinous propaganda.”

Accused of spreading misinformation by one of the agents.

Camera was taken and footage deleted by Canadian border. Told that if they filmed again they would be arrested. Had laptops taken.

Box of Alliance of the Libertarian Left pamphlets and such was confiscated.
just recieved a couple of text messages stating that the Motohome Diarists have been detained at the imaginary line known as the Canadian Border. The video of the encounter with Border Agents (not sure which gang are detaining them, U.S. or Canada). Here is contact information gleaned from fr33 agent Laur: "Miguel Begin, supervisor of agent 17258 who is holding us here, can be reached at 819.876.7821 x112"

Aparently, they have been detained for a number of hours, had video of their encounters deleted, and the vehicle searched by officers and dogs.

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Comment by roger nest
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Comment by Don Duncan
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Is this proof that those who choose flight over fight better not go north? I'm beginning to feel like a man with his back up against the wall. This should be a stark reminder to all of us that the U.S. is the last best hope & where we should make a stand. 

Comment by Drew
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@MHD to be on Ernest's show right off the Top! Tune in 11AM CST @ 

Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Sent Miguel a huggy-gram voicemail pointing out that destroying exculpatory evidence (their video recordings) and accusing them of distributing "misinformation" (given no legal or academic authority to determine what is information or misinformation) were beyond the pale. Then found a note indicating that the guys might be free (they were anticipating the joys of crossing back into the U.S.). 

 Anyway, I think it's worth the effort to send more huggy-grams Miguel's way, given that he's a government officer sworn to protect the people and all....


Comment by Drew
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update @ Fr33Agents,

Comment by Brock Lorber
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That should be fun.

Comment by Drew
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LOL, Jason just tweeted that now they have to drive back through U.S. Border security.

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