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Well,... I guess we won't have Mr. Adkins to kick around anymore.

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July 24, 2009, 10:47 pm
Freedom’s Phoenix Decides to Stab me in the back

As some of you might know. I submit articles over at a Libertarian website called Freedom’s Phoenix. I discovered the site after Pastor Chuck Baldwin mentioned it in one of his commentaries that he writes.

Now that I look back on it. I was quite the fool for using this sort of a site to attempt to drive traffic to my Blog. I should have known better. I thought at various times, that driving traffic to my blog from a site like this would come back to haunt me. My fears were not unfounded. Because I have been delivered the ultimate stab in the back, by the editors of that website.

Here is the TRUE and FULL story. On Thursday, the editor of Freedom’s Phoenix linked to a group of articles published by the Libertarian Leftist Lew Rockwell. As some of you know, I have issues with Lew’s stance on the Military. Well, I made a comment on Freedom’s Phoenix about this submission. Every since that happened, none of my articles, at all have been on the front page. of this website.

Here are the e-mails between me and the editor of Freedom’s Phoenix, now you tell me, who the lying bastard is:

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Received: by with HTTP; Fri, 24 Jul 2009 12:14:22 -0700 (PDT)

Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 15:14:22 -0400



Subject: Freedom’s Pheonix

From: Paleo Pat

To: Ernest Hancock

Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=0016364eee146ca846046f78693b


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Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Mr. Handock,

I noticed that my submissions have not been on front page. Has my opinion of

Lew Rockwell angered you or something?

I agree with his Economic positions. I simply disagree with his

Anti-Military stance.

So, am I banished from the front page now?

-Chuck Adkins AKA PaleoPat

His Response, which took like an hour; I guess he had to get his story straight or something:


Bottomline is this….

The summary text about what your linked article/entry is about allows for 1000 characters (250 of these show up on the front page). The reason for this is so our readers know what they are getting before opening the package.

“Missiles launched,… Details at Eleven” is sooooo not us.

While a more complete summary doesn’t guarantee your placement on the Front Page, not providing an accurate and complete description will guarantee that it will not.

Just so that we are clear.



To which I replied:

to Ernest Hancock


Thomas Costanzo

date Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 8:47 PM

subject Re: Writing for FreedomsPhoenix


Oh, is that all? I wasn’t sure. I thought perhaps there were other mitigating factors here. I’ll have to put more details in there.. My apologies.

I also sent, which I forgot to send the first time:

Ernest Hancock


Thomas Costanzo

date Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 9:03 PM

subject Re: Writing for FreedomsPhoenix


Something else I forgot to Add. I guess, I’ve been so busy trying to generate content for the Blog, to maintain the hit level, that I was kind of fluffing off on the important. Sorry about that! I guess I should finish with what I want to put on my Blog THEN come to FP and to the entries.

This is typical of me, always in a hurry.


Then I wrote this:

Well, I fixed the one’s that were submitted today. If that is not good enough for you sir. Then I do not know what to tell you. I still believe that this is not about my entries, that this about my comments about Lew Rockwell Yesterday.

Just because I am not some sniveling Anti-Military person, I am automatically labeled a “Neo-Con”, which is just another name for “Jew-Hater”.

Anyhow, I guess you cannot please everyone.

Be Well,

Ernest finally writes back the following:

from Ernest Hancock

to Paleo Pat


Thomas Costanzo

date Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 9:48 PM

subject RE: Writing for FreedomsPhoenix



You made a comment about Lew??? Don’t ever assume that I read anything other than your headline and summary (if that).

I am under ABSOLUTLY NO obligation to allow anyone posting abilities on the site. I allow your views (whatever they are) because once I start censoring ‘opinions’, where does it stop?

But I will censor for quality. Full and accurate headlines with a complete summary and a creative and relevant graphic will go a long way to getting you published on the front page. Traffic is then built by a quality transfer of information and opinion. This I can’t help you with.

Step up your game, the field is starting to get crowded and we will be more selective in what makes the front page due to a high volume of participation…. It’s that free-market thing J


I end this conversation with the following:

From Paleo Pat

to Ernest Hancock

date Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 10:01 PM

subject Re: Writing for FreedomsPhoenix


You sir, are a lying bastard.

I am removing your FREE AD that I have on my site and I will not be submitting articles to your site. again, ever.

You know DAMN FUCKING WELL why I am not making the front page. I’ve written shorter descriptions before and NOW you are becoming “More selective”, What kind of a God damned fool do you really honestly play me for; you Anti-America, Anti-Military fucking bastard!

Further more, I will be writing a blog posting, with MY and YOUR e-mails with a FULL description of what has happened here.

When my Conservative friends get done spreading the word, of how you have decided to SCREW ME OVER, you will have wished you have never screwed with me pal, you picked the wrong person to do this to, I assure you of that. You will be lucky if you even have a site when I am done with you.

Further more, the first thing tomorrow morning, I am putting in a phone call to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Informing them, of the of the articles on this site that encourage people not to cooperate with the police and use Deadly force against them, if one deems necessary. Yes, I have seen them, and yes, I was shocked. You have a right to know, that I am doing it. So, I’m telling you, I’m dropping a dime on ya. You stab me in the back, I stab YOU in the back.

Enjoy yourself in jail…

-Chuck Adkins


Yes, I do intend to call the FBI office here in Detroit Monday. (Not tomorrow as I originally wrote.) Yes, I have seen questionable content on that site, that made me a little jittery and would give the FBI a reason to want to talk to Ernie.

You see. I never felt that Ernie was obligated to put my postings on the front page. But I never thought Ernie would decide all of the sudden to start rejecting my submissions, on the basis of Partisanship. But it appears that this is the little game that Ernie wants to play with me. That is fine, but I also have the right to inform my readers, and yes, I do have a good number of them; of Ernie’s little game.  Ernie might think he is slick, but this Man is not quite that stupid. I understand loyalty and I understand partisanship. But I just do not understand the need to lie about it.  I knew my days were limited at that sight when I decided to go after Lew and the Libertarian Left/Anti-Military Conservatives like Jack Hunter.

It is a pity, as it was a great thing…..while it lasted. Frown  I wish now, that I had never signed up with that idiotic website. Pissed Off


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Comment by Ben Nichols
Entered on:

The funny thing is, is he will still be reading Freedom's Phoenix everyday.

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

Now....Watch Chuck start a doll factory and get rich!  hahaha

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:


Greetings and saluations! your rant had so many quotable quotes i don't know where to start but I really like the riff about the "homosexual chew toy" or whatever. Man that was classic. That is definately staking out our territory. This is where the big dogs run.

This is where the big dogs run.

now I would be honored to have to drag me apart publicly. Lacey might get to it first.

Comment by Charles Gillespie
Entered on:

Ewww!! This guy is foaming at the mouth like he's been eatin' lizards all day in the hot AZ sun!! It's mighty irresponsible of him to threaten people, after all there might be someone in the crowd who takes him serious and thwarts his evil stupidity before he has a chance to 'launch'. Trouble is, sluggards like 'Pat', 'Chuck' or 'Lisa' (I guess it depends on if he's wearing pumps or loafers) often don't get what's comin' to them until after they have spread their disease around. After doing some careful research on this 'individual' (google chuck adkins for more laughs!) I found lots of other sites that call this creature everything from 'exceedingly unintelligent' to 'having the silly-straw chromosome from the get-go’ and ‘gratefully it’s unable to reproduce'. I for ONE like the fact that he's a motor-city madman, (homage to Ted) but I'm very confused over his level of tenacity with the editor of Freedoms Phoenix.


I find it laughable that his ‘connections with the FBI’ will douse Mr. Hancock’s Libertarian initiatives, or anyone else who has gravitated towards this site in pursuit of freedom and truth. I will, for the sake of argument make myself available to any of the boogie 'G-men' that might come lookin' in order to rest their tireless minds that we are peace-lovin' r3VO7utionaries around here. Sad part is we won't have Adkins (or his effeminate alter-egos) to ponder stupid-nonsensical to the 10th power there of any longer.


I for one will miss his ‘emotional tampon needs changing’ rages, reprehensible dolt-like scribbling and even his cathartic colostomy-bag-O-cheer that he seems to keep topped-off like a good shit-stirrer should.


Much love and prayer goes out to the parents of this pathetic sociopathic chew-toy.  I’m sure they aren’t too far away from ‘him’, quite possibly just upstairs from the Adkin’s abasement and ‘girl-free zone’ (in his mom and dad’s basement).

Comment by Chip Saunders
Entered on:

THE ROCKSTER said, "I guess I didn't realize how mean libertarians can be when one of their own steps on the banana peel."


He was never a libertarian. Put that to rest right now! I get very offended when people on the fringes of their actual political spectrum try to claim they are libertarians as a twisted means for some sort of cover, though they never have any intentions of actually looking seriously at what the word means and represents. Chuck is posing blowhard gov't supremist at heart who pretends to be for "freedom" by paying lip service to certain parts of freedom he agrees with.

So yes,...the perturbed relief you see here at the news of his departure is quite real and I feel like dancing.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

crap sorry, i don't know how i hit "submit there" but....

The past will inform us and the future is there to give us visions and inspiration. They have their uses, these skeletons but you can't let them control you.

now what rellevance has this to Adkins? because this is all Chuck's past skeleton walking behind him. Actually I'm helping play the part. But Chuck is a real dude in the present. This is part of his past. I am the voice of Chuck's past. He can listen to me or move on. Move on Chuck, there is nothing but the past here for you.

you will find that the past is a fully syntaxed universe. It has colors, shapes, smells, textures, anything you want. Human memory is so extensive. You can live in the past and have an almost complete life.

That skeleton knows all the dances.

Maybe this kid Tramper I used to know got it right when I abused the living shit out of him they way I beat Chuck like a carpet or a rented pony. The kid said "maybe we shouldn't go making promises or trying too hard because life is like a series of moments and then they all pile up and turn into your memories and if all your moments sucked....."

Tramper never finished that sentance but we both knew what he was talking about. If all your moments suck, they pile up into memories and then all you got is bad memories. That's that past skeleton taking you.

Wells that was skeleton teaching. I hope somebody somewhere finds use in it.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

OK wells i guess i better perform my real duty. There is a better teaching than trussing you all up and throwing you into a river.

This is "skeleton teaching". I got it from Sherman Alexie. He comes from where the people all eat fish. Because his people all eat lots of fish, they have this really, really nice, oily skin the color of lightly creamed coffee and their skin is not all parched and wrinkled and ugly like us desert natives. They are way, way more attractive, those fish-eaters. They live longer too. Maybe it's those omega-3 fatty acids.

Which remids me of why I never dated a Hopi woman because wells, besided the hair styles....i mean really, really cool spiral hair styles the maidens used to wear, wells, to tell the truth I already have a fat wife athpascan women are definately way way more sexy. If I was gonna cheat on my Llennape-Cherokee wife, that would get the mostly Chippewa kids after my ass and another blood fued which I don't need.

Hey trading words on the internet is one thing but if I pick a fight with my kids' family, these men will come with tomohawks in the middle of the night and you will never find my body.

But I didn't mean to get so off track. This is skeleton teaching.

Your past is a skeleton walking one step behind you. And your future is a skeleton walking one step ahead of you. And they never stop talking.

Your past skeleton wants you to slow down. To remeber the way things used to be. To get involved in conversations that are no longer here. THEY WANT YOU TO SLOW DANCE and their tendency is to not want to let you go.

Similarly, your future skeleton is aways talking to you, making promises, telling you what could be. THEY WANT YOU TO SPEED UP.

The truth is that you, the present you, is the only one with flesh on you. YOU ARE THE ONLY REAL ONE OUT OF THREE. So the trick is to keep walking in time with your skeletons, keeping the future ahead of you and the past behind you. We can listen but not stop or speed up.

For the past will inform

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Rockster, there is no question of justice here. Your definition of vitriol just doesn't do the maligning I just did to poor Pat justice. What I have done to Pat is patently unjust. You know it. There is nothing any human being can do to warrant such treatment. Especially from me, one who is supposed to be kind to people, my name says so. Oyate miyelo. Oyate means "all of the people, all orders of beings" so I'm supposed to be all spiritual and sympathetic.

I too have conversed with Pat or Chuck or whoever, and my personal messages to him are "hang in there" and "don't take everything so seriously". Besides, I get the idea that Chuck isn't perhaps on the most firm foundation.

There was a cure as I recall on the res, for some vets who returned traumatized and the elders on one notable occasion bound the man hand and foot and threw him into a river.

Read any alopathic book or Western method of medicine and I will guarantee you that purposefully drowning a man to death is not in the pages of treatment. This is not medicine as you or I know it. It's not even particularly nice.

But the elders said "you are bound up with your past and now you have to fight for your life, we can't do it for you. You must decide to live and fight to do so".

And they threw the man into the river, bound hand and foot to where he could not possibly swim. He would almost certainly die.

And the story goes on this one that that man fought like hell. He loosed his bonds. He fought for air and he found it. And things were basically better after that.

Now there is a back story here. We tried the sand-paintings and it didn't work. It's not like we go trussing everybody out in hemp and throw them into rivers at the first sign of trouble. But this is me trussing Chuck up with rope and throwing him into a river. It seems hateful, it seems vitriolic, but if we can slap the kid out of this state he's in, wells, call me guilty of assault if that is what suits your disposition.

Hey kid, fight for life. This is where the big dogs run. You wanna take it serious? You just got hurt. Shake it off. Keep running.

And have a sense of humor will you people please? It will help you live longer.

Comment by Rocky Frisco
Entered on:

I'm appalled at the cruelty in this series of comments, I'm also appalled at myself for laughing at some of the worst of it, from Oyate. Oyate, you are one seriously twisted funny son of a bitch. I have corresponded privately with "Paleo Pat" in the past.  I often disagree with him, but I like and respect him too much to think all the vitriol here was just. 

I guess I didn't realize how mean libertarians can be when one of their own steps on the banana peel.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Man who'd have thought kittens could fight so hard? Holy cow, that kitten put up a hell of a fight. Know what they say about cats having 9 lives? Well, every one of them resisted that garbage disposal. 

Now before the animal rights people have a day with me, let me explain something to you. I'm on the hook for 65 freaking inflatable dolls that nobody wants. Try looking at things from my perspective. If grinding a shrieking kitten into little furry pieces might help me out, why not do it? You would too. It would basically be morally incumbent upon you to do so. The logic is inescapable.

In fact,I'm pretty sure someplace in the bible it says "the more kittens you can fit down a gargage disposal, the closer the world will be to universal peace and happiness". Look it up. I think it's in the second book of deuterations or something.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

OK I realize what I'm doing here. I'm writing a book. Chuck Adkins is my muse.

That's why at the end of this thread, the publishers of have just (not) agreed to publish these literary gems in a hard cover book available only through, the all new signature series "Odes To Adkins" collectable coffee table book for only $69.95.

Lavishly illustrated with pictures of Chuck's youth (don't ask how we got them), these richly bound collectable coffee table books are sure to inspire conversation for years to come.

Plus is you act now, you get a Ron Paul Chuck Adkins inflatable doll with life like hair! The memories you wish you hadn't formed today can be yours for a lifetime.

Plus if you don't act now, we have a kitten suspended above a garbage disposal. That's right! Order now or we feed Tunces into the meat grinder. OK? AM I MAKING MYSELF CLEAR HERE? I AM IN THE HOLE FOR 65 FREAKING INFLATABLE DOLLS AND I'M NOT SHITTING, I'LL KILL KITTY.


Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

You know I should pay Chuck for this continuing literary inspiration.

I got another idea. Why don't we form our own FBI and investigate ourselves? We can be the Fully Beligerant Individuals. FBI. Shebang. Done deal.

Anybody who wants to can be part of our new FBI but our first order of business is to get to the bottom of this Ernie dude. Like what's his real name? Is it in fact Ernest as he sometimes says or are there two of them, Ernest and his evil twin Ernie?

Next I recommend we investigate Ed because he always has good beer. We should, in fact, carefully investigatge every patriot's kitchen to see if they have anything really tasty to eat.

After that we can investigate Renee Houlihan because she will let us crash on her couch. Then it's up and off for another full day of investigation maybe with somebody with quads so we can go investigate the desert.

Patriots with swimming pools, you know we're gonna be investigating you on a regular basis so keep the gate unlocked. Especially at night.

Pretty soon, we'll all be investigating one another and having a regular hoot. It will become common parlance to say "wanna go investigatin' tonight?" or "who'd y'all investigate today?" or even "y'all can come investigate me any old time".

Anybody wants to come investigate me knows where I am but I generally rack out pretty early these days and Prescott is really a daytime type of town so come early but don't stay late. If you come late, feel free to investigate whatever is in the fridge.
Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

OK remember that guy in LA I told you about? Wells I just got off the phone with him and told him that the whole issue is just hurting Chuck's feelings and he was like "I guess I'll cancel the order for the inflatable Adkins doll with life-like hair?" and I said yeah, probably.

So he did a call and found out it was too late, they already went into production. And he called me back and said "bad news buddy, you are on the line for this one".

So now I'm stuck with 65 inflatable Adkins dolls with life like hair and now I can't make rent and the wife is gonna kill me. And I'm like "check it out, I'm totally screwed".

So I called Ed and put the whole story on him and he said "just rebrand them as Ron Paul Chuck Adkins infaltable dolls with life like hair" and I was like "how the hell do I do that?" and Ed was like "you got some stickers left right?" and I was like HFS you are a genius!"

So the newly rebranded Ron Paul Chuck Adkins inflatable doll with life like hair comes with Ron Paul stickers on all genetically accurate anotomical features you might not want the kids to see. Available for only $59.95 (shipping and handling not included) you can have one of these limited collectables.

To answer Jet Lacey's excellent and astute question, the Ron Paul Chuck Adkins inflatable doll with life like hair is hairy both front and back and side to side and from top to bottom. The manufactuerer even put some hair on the soles of the life like feet.

Now I ain't actually seen one but I've seen pics and they look exactly, I mean exactly like Adkins. Either that or Adkins looks exactly like the inflatable version of himself. It's just uncanny what they can do with inflatable technology these days.

Operators are still standing by.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

 Fear not! my excited Native American friend!  It looks like a simple relocation:

...and that stick behind your trailer is NOT a tree!  I guess the milk crate qualifies as a 'treehouse', but you might have a tight fit on a double-date. 

BTW - did you see this?

Cream on that.


Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Listen to him Chuck.  Better yet, listen to the voices in your head.  Or the voices on the line (FBI?). 

We're not worthy.   You're a better man than us, Chuck.  Get back to bloggin.'  You have to give the FBI sumtin to read.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Oh dip! is down! Pat pulled his site! The kid must really be upset.

Oh great. Now comes the onset of guilt. I was going to pop on over and tell the kid not to take it so hard. Actually I already did tell him not to take it so hard but that was before I wrote 50 pages of merciless lampooning.

Adkins, if you are reading this, come on man, don't take it so hard. Put your blog back up, it's a good blog. And you are an OK guy. And if you don't I'll still remember you as a good author of thoughtful content. Your work will be missed.

And if you are thinking of doing something dramatic because yes, we all know how sentitive you are, just forget about it dude. We're not worth it. We are so not worth you getting upset about. We're just a bunch of goof balls.

Stay the course kid. Firm hand on the tiller, eye on the mark. You are too good a person to let a bunch of clods like us get you down.

Comment by Paul Zimmerman
Entered on:

 I don't know what's funnier that Chuck think's Lew's a leftist or that he ran home crying to his mommy. 

I have some advice for Chuck:  get a job!

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Oh Lacey, you want in too?

Hoo boy. I already outed Lacey for putting up fake pics of himself with big muscles and everybody in Phoenix knows he's this little pencil-neck geek. And now he wants to get in good and ingratiate himself to Oyate because everybody in Phoneix knows that I'm like this sleek Odonis of a figure, a God if you will.

Well it ain't gonna work Lacey. Don't even try to get between me and my wife. We got a four-seater car and you make five. No room for you buddy unless you want to sit on the trunk.

Sorry bra, times being tough and all, gotta get rid of some excess baggage.

Comment by Jet Lacey
Entered on:

Oyate, you crack me up!  You sir, are the Billy Jack of Freedom's Phoenix.  I can only ask that you wash your bare feet before ever "lighting into" me.  Nobody needs Athlete's Face on top of a stinky-footed ass-whoopin'.  

I am also interested in the inflatable Chuck Adkins doll, but only if it comes with an included ball-gag at no extra charge.  Frankly, I just don't want to hear it.  And, does the life-like hair include the back?  It is a key spec as to whether I will buy one or not. 

Come to think of it, why don't you guys just design some sort of gargantuan inflatable, prolapsed asshole instead?  I say it’s six-to-one, half a dozen the other.  

You can also sign me up for a six pack of each scent of the new soap-on-a-rope.  Christmas is coming sooner than you think and I had no idea what to get Ernie or Powell.  Whew!  I’m so glad; its one more problem solved.  Someone’s stocking is going to have the heady smell of taint! 

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

This is the FBI. We have just raided Oyate's house and taken control of his computer. We are apalled at you people and your capricious behavior. People like you make us sick. And you wouldn't believe the shit we are finding in Oyate's place. Apparently Oyate has some kind of sick fixation on patriots and he has pictures of all of your faces but he pastes them onto pics of Arnold Schwarzenager in varios compromising poses. It's really quite disgusting. So basically we're shifting the bulk of this investigation onto this Oyate creep.

Chuck Adkins, you are an American hero. Because of your dilligence you have brought a horrible, reprehensible potential terrorist known as Oyate to justice for crimes we all know he was damn well about to commit. Your nation salutes you sir.

And if Oyate wasn't even about to commit a crime, the hell with it, the guy just got under our skin, you know what we mean? The guy is just so snide and offensive you know he just has it coming. Screw the law, we're justice. We're gonna hang this Oyate from his toenails until he screams because we got this new toenail stretching thing. Can't wait to try it out on somebody. They make 'em in japan.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

And the good news just doesn't stop coming.

You know, all this dust in the air serves a purpose, it gets us great publicity. Really positive publicity.

That's why some of your friends at have released the Chuck Adkins soap on a rope in your choice of manly colors, scents and flavors.

That's right, for only $4.99 (shipping and handling not included) you can have your choice of the signature Chuck Adkins series of soap on a rope in any flavor including "Taint" or "Scrota" or even the age-old favorite, "Ass" for only $4.99 (shipping and handling not included).

Share them with friends, your kids or your dog. Buy one for the whole family!

Operators are standing by. This offer is void where prohibited. Kids, get your parent's permission. Partial assembly required. Batteries not included.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Hi this is Oyate. I just got back from the back yard with terrific news!

Chuck, I built us a tree house so we can hang out in it together and never be apart again. It kicks ass. It's got an elevator and everything. And a jacuzzi. Shit man, with digs like this, we can invite our boys from the FBI over to watch movies! I mean man, we got it made in the shade bro. All our problems are like so yesterday bra.

Plus my wife makes the best hors'douvres. And fresh lemmonade! And if we run out of lemmons.....

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

This is not Oyate, this is Oyate's wife. Oyate has gone to the bathroom leaving me this one chance to tell you that my husband has gone insane. All he can talk about is Chuck Adkins. He is pacing the floor saying "I know he loves me" over and over. Oyate has taken to scribbling "I love Chuck" on his body with a ball point pen. He even drew little Chuck Adkins faces on his nipples complete with curly hair on top and a curly beard below.

Oh Gods, it's getting worse. My husband just emerged from the bathroom wearing a loin cloth and he announced that he's going into the back yard to build a tree house for him and Chuck and people, WE DON'T HAVE ANY TREES IN THE BACK YARD.

This whole thing has got way out of hand and I just hope and pray one of you can talk to him. My husband that is. Help him through this. It's way out of control.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Dear FBI:

Despite my recent attempts at levity, this matter of Ernie offending Chuck really must be taken seriously. Plus, Ernie borrowed one of my DVDs and never gave it back. I shit you not. Plus he practically never parks in the proscribed lane and he purposefully releases noxious paint fumes into the atmosphere. It's know...annoying. Plus he's fat. And his wife is really hot which annoys some of us to no end because how a man can have it all as an activist and have a hot wife too? You just know there's more to the story here. Something fishy going on here for sure. Trust me, I can just smell it.

I'm sure with a proper investigation these things will all come to light.

I applaud the citizenship demonstrated by Adkins. In truth, I was going to say something but I just couldn't get the guts up to say so.

Comment by Jason Dimitrov
Entered on:

I'm so thankful for this. Chuck, (and I know you're gonna read this you lunatic bastard) you leaving FP just made my day. I have been installing a new front door for the last several hours with some frustration but all that simply washed away as soon as I saw this post. The last week or so coming to FP have been very pleasant, not seeing your idiotic posts littered all over the place. I figured something went down. I started to dread visiting FP (my favorite website) because of all the stupid shit you would post, constantly. Since I first noticed your BS popping up I figured Ernie or Powell was allowing it through only so you would be challenged, ridiculed, and eventually ran off. Or maybe they hoped you would have an epiphany? Anyway, thanks for leaving and PLEASE never come back!

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

This is not complete by any means.  But is a comprehensive example of Chuck Atkins last week on Freedom's Phoenix.   Some of the headline stories not listed here were actually put on the front page.  Others were not, not due to poor headline/ content, but because they were links to stories already linked to by others and were deemed usually by me of either not adding anything more, or I felt a story had already received enough mention.
Headline:  FacePalm of the Day

Introductory Text:  D'oh!  

Headline:  David Brooks writes a whopper

Introductory Text:  No, I am not talking about Burger King.

Headline:  The A.D.H.D. of the Conservative Blogsphere

Introductory Text:  I cannot believe I am using that title, seeing I have A.D.H.D. and take meds for it daily.

Headline:  The Wall Street Journal’s shocking Discovery: "Obama is not Post-Partisan"

Introductory Text:  You mean, they are just now figuring this out?

Headline:  Here we go again — Bitter and Clingy Part II  [editor's note: was there a I?]

Introductory Text:  This is a posting that will make "The Rockster" Smile. He knows who he is. :)

Headline:  Obama’s Healthcare presser

Introductory Text:  I would like some feedback from Freedom's Phoenix readers on Obama's Healthcare Presser tonight.  

Headline:  I have come to a conclusion about the President

Introductory Text:  That he is either abysmally ignorant or grossly naive. Read why inside, please.  

Headline:  Video: An Awesome Story

Introductory Text:  This is an awesome story, Two off duty firefighters save a child from a burning van.   There is an excellent story to read and view here. 

Headline:  Facepalm of the day

Introductory Text:  It’s a twofer for today!

Headline:  President Bambi Teleprompter's Commerce Secretary:  United States should pay for China's Pol

Introductory Text:  This my friends is unreal.

Headline:  As of today, I will no longer be posting videos by Jack Hunter AKA The Southern Avenger

Introductory Text:  Jack Hunter, The man known as The Southern Avenger has crossed the Rubicon with me. Today, He used his Facebook Page to make a rather asinine comment about the United States Military.  [editor's note - Hey, I found out who Jack Hunter is!]

Headline:  From the Dept. of “Why am I not surprised?”

Introductory Text:  Sarah Palin's Fans are outraged that the New York Times lied about Sarah Palin. But did not she play the liberal game in the media?

Headline:  Fat Ted Lies out his rather large cancerous ass again

Introductory Text:  I caught fat Ted in a big fat lie....

Headline:  Sounds like a good idea……But!

Introductory Text:  There are some things wrong with what is written.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Who's Jack Hunter?

 OMG, I have never herd of him!  It must be because Chuck went after him, and destroyed his reputation before it started.

And Oyote, you made Chuck's list man. 

Me, I am just gonna kick back and wait for the knock on my door.  It's all good PR baby.

Comment by Del Cartero
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OMG! Throw up the barricades. The FBI is coming! The FBI is coming! When will you learn that you never, ever do anything that impedes a blogger's efforts to augment his hit count. Everyone knows that is tantamount to a declaration of war.

What gives you the right to require someone to actually post something more than blog spam on your site?  Hell hath no fury like a blogger scorned.

Comment by Tyger Gilbert
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It appeared to me that Ernie clearly expressed why Adkins wasn't getting on the Front Page, and that was because his entries weren't up to the quality standards of Freedom's Phoenix. Granted, there are no set rules or written guidelines, and it is the judgement and opinions of Ernie or Powell that determine what is used on the Front Page or not (which IS plainly stated), but that is understood by everyone who writes here. Instead, Adkins arbitrarily decides that Ernie is simply LYING about his reasons for not featuring Adkins' opinionated and weakly documented and poorly presented writing on the Front Page. Where's his PROOF that Ernie is lying about his reasons? Without that, he should reevaluate his own work and see if Ernie's stated reasons have any validity (which I definitely think they do), and either revise his efforts or just quietly go away and choose some other venue for publishing his work for free. Opinions are just opinions, no matter who expresses them. Those who have the power can enforce their opinions on others, those who do not, cannot. Life ain't fair, Chuck, but that's the way it is.

Comment by Jim Stachowiak
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Last time I checked free speech was part of the Bill of Rights, All I can say is Fuck the Fed ,Fuck the FBI and yes Obama is the enemy of the state not Ron Paul,not Chuck Baldwin.

Comment by Ken Demyen
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Wait a minute, let me get this straight. The content of this site was okay when he was trying to generte hits to his blog, but once he was rejected, the site turned into something that should be reported to the authorities?

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

More good news!

Because of my native American spiritual up-bringing I have consulted the elders of many first nations upon this great issue.

With great humility I made the traditional tobacco and corn pollen offerings to the elders and approached with down-cast eyes and sat with them until the appropriate measure of silence and respect had been done.

And then after we had shared some water and a smoke from the sacred pipe which make all things clear between men, I said "grandfather, this issue with Chuck disturbs me and the people are all unsettled and the rain has not come and the corn grows poorly upon the land. All the children are crying because the mothers are all watching Chip 'N Dales and Oprah re-runs".

And the elders contemplated this in silence as we passed the pipe around for extra clarity for these are serious matters.

For we knew about the insidious influence of Chip 'N Dales and Oprah but this new discontent of the Adkins, it had been prophecied, but at this moment, we are somewhat taken aback.

After some silence an elder said "did you try beating him?" and we said yes, grandfather, we did. Harshly. We beat him like a rented pony.

And the elders said "did you try tying him to a tree and beating the snot out of him?" and we said yes, grandfathers, we did so with dilligence.

And then the elders in their wisdom and love said "how about the trick where you smear him with honey and stake him down across an ant hill?"

And we said "red or black ants?"

And the elders said "why the red ones of course".

And we said "oh dip, that's where we went wrong"

And the elders said "see that?"

OK so the mission is clear. basically what we have to do is get more honey and stake Adkins out on a RED FIRE ant hill.

So like any mission, we need some logistical support, we need air-fare, hotel rooms and meals at least and some stakes and some rope. So I put up a chipin at

If we get enough donations we can have a "killer" after-hours party at the Holiday Inn!

Comment by Found Zero
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k guys, sorry for sticking my nose into where it don't belong but I called the FBI and they say they are just swamped and ask if we could just email.

Apparently everybody here wants to be the first to get inspected by the FBI. It's sort of become a competition among us. And not only is it clogging up the phone lines of one of our nation's critical security infrastructues, they say it's getting annoying as hell.

So for the record, the FBI says just meet them on or whatever website and they are totally down, they just can't say so during working hours.

Seriously people, cool your jets.

Comment by Found Zero
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I seriously can't leave this one alone. But it's time we addressed Mr. Adkins' issues seriously: the advocation of violence.

Violence is only to be used at high school wrestling class or at after-school judo lessons. Or kempo or tai-chi or gung-fu. Because there is precious little in a modern day kid's schedule in which to fit riflemanship or marksmanship. And where to fit tactical training in is just something you fit in as a parent.

This is all especially important in the non-advocation of violence because you basically want to turn your kid into such a badass that there is a "pre-emptive" logic of "mutally assured destruction" here so hopefully they will never have to actually fight.

Now as a parent, you realize you only want to extend this idea of non-violence so ideally, your house, your neighborhood and your whole community knows that we will savagely kick your ass if you mess with us.

See this is why the American people have bought so many fireams in the last few months: so we don't have to use them. Because here's something almost nobody knows: before we fell to buying fireamrs, we first amred our kids with whoopee cussions, pea shooters and sling shots and we'll count on them and their up-bringing to know when the right time to terrorize you is.


Fuck the Jahadis, we got American kids on our hands. Wanna talk terror? Made and branded in the USA. You can check their ass and see where I branded 'em.

How the hell else am I supposed to tell anybody else's cattle from mine?

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

hey FBI boys, did you hear about the hot new site Well we have a special one just for you. Announcing!

Yup, just for you who like it in leather. It's totally retro, no nylon tactical gear in here boys, it's like being back with daddy.

And all that stuff you guys confiscated? We got it all here. The snuff films and kiddie pr0n you review at length. Yeah cowboy you know what length we're talking about. You tiger!

So come to the site. You can indight all of us till you totally get there. And don't worry, we'll supply the hand cuffs. You big, strong, authoritiative agents, ooooh, you make me squirm!

Operators are standing by.


Comment by Found Zero
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Good news!

I just got off the phone with this guy in LA, friend of a friend, never mind how I know him but he swears he can turn out an inflatable Chuck doll that looks and feels like the real thing!

Now I know what you are thinking. How much is this gonna cost? Well, this guys says if we buy enough of them we can get them as low as $69.95 and IT INCLUDES THE LIFE-LIKE HAIR!

I said "no way".

The guy said "for real".

OK problem solved. Now we can all have our own inflatable Adkins with life-like hair. For only $69.95 (shipping and handling not included).

Once again, I, Oyate have single-handedly rescued the movement from a dire dilemna. Thanks are not necessary, I do it for the 3VOl.

Comment by Found Zero
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Oh curse me and my Gods-forsaken mouth for I can never describe my true feelings but rather couch them in some psuedo-intellectual diatribe.

Chuck, I love you. You, you big huggable mass of un-employed bear-flesh. You are the only reason I come here. Please, I beg you, don't leave me alone in this desolate place by myself!

Oh Chuck please, I love you above all. You are the heart that beats within my chest. Without you I am just a throw-away object. Please don't through me away like this. Think of all the times we had together. Did all that just mean nothing to you?

How could you be so mean and cold hearted? Oh please Chuck just come home. You belong with me. We belong together.

I will love you to the end of Earth and time. I will never stop waiting for you. Come home Chuck, please just come home.

Comment by Chip Saunders
Entered on:

 I nominate Chucky for FP's 1st Annual Anti-1st Amendment "Freedom For Me, But Not For Thee" award.


Go back to masterbating to your "Full Metal Jacket" DVD, you lemming.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

I can't leave this one alone.


I call for a full FBI investigation into whoever hurt Chuck's feelings. This is a very serious crime, a hate crime, perhaps a crime against humanity, maybe even a war crime.

I demmand now with my brethren a full trial at the Hague. Yes indeed, I herebye summon an international tribunal to find each and every one of us GUILTY, GUILTY, FILTHY GUITLY OF HURTING CHUCK'S FEELINGS.

I have every confidence that this court will find us all GUILTY, GUILTY, FILTHY GUILTY OF INTENTIONALLY HURTING CHUCK'S FEELINGS thus establishing beyond a shadow of a doubt any means rhea and actus rheus described by imaginary international law.

And if there be no such law codified, ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you with the full non-authority which was never conferred upon me as a representative of the R3VOlUTION, I call now for all people of all nations and all places and traditions to now pass a unanimous international treaty against hurting Chuck's feelings, it is indeed morally incumbent upon us at this place and time.

The manifold injustices of our times we can hope to reduce and this is a way to start.

Yes we can. Yes we can.

Comment by Chip Saunders
Entered on:

 Gosh, Ernie. You devious, sharp-minded devil. You identify Chuck as the knee-jerk loose Neo-Con station agent,...then get him all whiney and riled to pick up his jacks and go home,...but also somehow get him to believe the FBI needs to be involved here,...suddenly FP is national news because of the Feds' involvement,...traffic to FP quintuples several times,...more Americans get exposed to the "injection of the infection" of freedom.


I love it.


Rage on, Chucky, you weak-minded skank!!    :)

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Note that I wrote my previous before actually reading the article because I knew this would be good.

Oh man this is good. Holy cow, it's a self-indightment before the whole community!

It's like the kid is committing public persona-suicide here. Jesus, this is almost sad.

I see no actionable offense that warrants calling the FBI but heck, let them be the judge. To waste the time of federal agents is perhaps not actionable but it's....just sort of redundant? Like "they" don't look at FP?

Chuck bro, why do you always take everything so personally and get all hurt? You were a headliner on FP like any other author of original content. Your content didn't suck. You were accepted. Now you picked a fight you didn't want and didn't need but hey man, it's no big deal. We don't have a hit squad or ninjas. And besides, you aren't the first young person to make faux-pas and you are honest enough about your feelings to where I think we can forgive you.

Just don't take everything so personally kid. You are running with the big dogs now. It's an intellectually tough game out there. You will take your blows but you get back in the game.

Cheer up kid.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Oh for fleepin' creepers you have got to be kidding me. If I can stop laughing for a minute here....I like Adkins because he's just so frank and honest. In an editorial sense, he seems to feel free to re-invent himself on a weekly basis or even in the middle of a sentance.  There's something of a semi-self-conscious buffon in Chuck. Or Paleo Pat. Or whatever his flavor du jour is.

Why anyone would take him or me or even Lacey our present lord of Gonzo seriously is beyond me.

And to the boys and gals at the FBI, greetings and saluations. Whatever Chuck says, I'm sure we're all twice as guilty of whatever crimes you can come up with.

Comment by malcolm ID
Entered on:

Detroit has an FBI office?  I thought it was just a hollow crater now.

I stopped throwing fits like these before grade school.

 Don't let the door hit you, Chuck!

Comment by brian arnold
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I know it's hard to not get a bro-ner for Ernie, but damn... you sound like a jilted little girl. If your site is so great, maybe you should spend a little more time working on that rather than trying to get on the front page of FP.

 -Oh, and don't fuck with Lew.


Comment by Brock Lorber
Entered on:

Buh-bye, Bigot.  We hardly knew 'ye. 

Comment by Ernest Hancock
Entered on:

You think the FBI doesn't have a large file on me already?