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Federal Medicine Machinations

Written by Subject: Legislative Mischief
This is a two-part production of Gardner Goldsmith's Liberty Conspiracy discussing his long-running study of the chess game health care reformers have been playing with your life and livelihood since the early 90s.
In this special production, Gardner Goldsmith offers his study of the economic history of government regulations forcing health insurance companies to issue policies regardless of the risks the clients pose due to their age or pre-existing conditions. As Gard warns, this is the key item the statists want to pass in DC, and it will kill all private insurance companies.
Gard also offers the opinions of Sheldon Richman, of, and Michael Tanner, of the Cato Institute, plus a frightening look at Zeke Emmanuel, the man upon whom the Obama health plan is based.
Part II
Sally Pipes, the CEO and President of the Pacific Research Institute, talks to Gardner Goldsmith. This audio is very valuable, because Ms. Pipes has a wide-ranging and deep knowledge base about medicine and how government destroys it. Listen to her in this twenty minute interview, and spread the word about her and her organization!