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4409 -- Pirates vehicle is the new Taser!

Written by Subject: Videos by 4409
4409's PirateWATCH
Watching the Pirates so you don't have to!
Why use a taser when you can just use your car.
This exclusive footage was from a South Carolina Pirate that was acquitted of any wrong doing even after he admitted he was deliberately trying to hit the "suspect".
Its a wonder how he did not kill or mame this individual
I'm not saying it was a good idea for the idiot to run but we fund the police to apprehend "suspects" with as little or no violence as possible.
We do NOT fund them to blatently run over suspects! Hell, for $70,000 a year anyone could do that job...
Notice how the pirate first weaves left and then right to slam into the "Suspect"
People who think a Revolution is not coming need to open their eyes....people like this pirate fuel it!


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