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ABC News' Pro-Government Medicine Propaganda Machine

Written by Subject: Propaganda
Liberty Conspiracy's Gardner Goldsmith documents ABC's coordinated campaign to push socialized medicine.
Part I :  Gardner Goldsmith provides the evidence that supports his thesis that, yeah, it sounds NUTS, ABC News is pushing for government-controlled medicine.
Part II: In this deeper look at the push by statists in government and the pop media to establish a government medical plan, Gardner Goldsmith looks at the "news story" assault conducted by ABC News, with a little help from former head of the FDA, David "I love to push private companies around" Kessler. As you hear Gard's analysis, you might find yourself wondering, as he does, why the news stories are all being released at teh very same time that Congress debates placing taxes on sodas. Then, join Gardner as he explores the misleading statements about health care made on "This Week, with George Snuffleupagus". You'll find it very interestink!"

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