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Now My Niece Understands Gun Rights

Written by Subject: Gun Rights
(Publisher: My 23 year old niece's boyfriend is from Arkansas. His father's twin had an attempt on his life  in front of his family... this is what happened - news links at the bottom of page)
Hi Uncle Earnie,
A member of my boyfriends family was recently jumped by two men who attempted to kill him in Arkansas. They were waiting for him when he was on his way to work at around 7:30 in the morning. The men attempted to place a cloth with chemicals over his face and beat him. His wife screamed when she heard the commotion, and their son was awakened by what was happening. One of the men started toward the house and his son was forced to shoot at him...the man was killed. The other tried to flee on foot and even though their victim had been beaten he managed to get ahold of his own gun and tried to shoot at him. I thought that this might be of interest to you, because it made think twice in terms of being able to protect myself. Had they not had any protection who knows what would have happened to them.

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